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Meet Kristin Snapp

Major: B.A., Journalism with a minor in Psychology
Expected Graduation: 2017
Butler, Pa.
High School:
Butler High School

What makes going to Point Park for your major different from any other university?

Most of the professors worked in the field before teaching, and a lot of them still do. They provide amazing real-world connections and genuinely care about the success of their students, not only during their time at Point Park, but after graduation as well. Because there are so many working professionals, I really feel like I'm getting the best possible education.

My dream job is to be a sports journalist in Pittsburgh, so the fact that Point Park is not only Downtown, but has so many connections with our sports teams makes my dream job very attainable. That alone gives me more motivation to be the best student that I can be, in hopes of reaching that goal.

What is your favorite memory that you've had in Pittsburgh?

I guess it's not one specific memory, but all the late nights I've spent at The Globe putting together a quality newspaper for our students. We have a really close bond in the newsroom and while it is very stressful at times, there is no feeling quite as rewarding as seeing the final product of our staff's hard work when it goes on newsstands each Wednesday.

Also, I presented research on the underrepresentation of women in sports media at an Honors Conference in Denver last November, and it was inspiring to see so many people around me committed to doing creative research of their own, but also rewarding to do an incredulous amount of research, be able to design it into a visually appealing poster and then present that information to conference attendees and raise awareness of the disparity in the field. Point Park has really made me more enthusiastic about my education than I ever thought imaginable.

What activities are you involved with at Point Park (both on campus and off)?

I'm currently the editor-in-chief of The Globe, after serving as assistant sports editor and editor-elect. I'm the public relations and marketing assistant to the Honors Program and the representative at large of the Honors Student Organization. I co-host The Globe's radio show on WPPJ, and I also serve as vice president of the Society of Professional Journalists Point Park chapter. Off campus, I currently have a full-time multimedia internship with the United Steelworkers.

Tell us about your responsibilities at your internship with United Steelworkers.

I'm a part of the new media team, which includes digital and print publications for United Steelworkers, United Steelworkers Next Generation and United Steelworkers Press Association. I'm responsible for writing and editing content for the web, email, social media and any print publications. I write posts for social media and aid in the editing process. I will also be doing a bit of graphic design, as I have been assigned to help re-brand the USWPA for its upcoming anniversary.

How have your classes at Point Park helped you with your internship?

My classes helped build and strengthen the skills needed for my responsibilities at the internship. My visual communications class, multimedia class and apprenticeship with the Honors Program all gave me experience in graphic design and social media management and operation. My journalism classes and experience at The Globe provided me with an outlet to bolster my journalism skills and make it so that I feel comfortable editing content that will be released to hundreds of thousands of readers/viewers.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?

Everyone preaches it, but get involved. Point Park is a small school, and the students who get involved know and support one another. I've been given so many amazing opportunities at Point Park and have made some fantastic connections that I'm sure will prove to be mutually beneficial in the future. My involvement helped me find my niche and introduced me to some of my closest friends.

Aside from that, our campus is in the best possible location. Point Park continues to improve and expand its campus so students feel comfortable and like we have a space to call our own. It's as if we have our own slice of Downtown, but it's easy enough to get away from campus and get some space, which is something I value.

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Text and photo by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

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