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Pictured is Brandon Cunningham. Photo by Ethan Stoner.

Photo by Ethan Stoner '26

Meet Brandon Cunningham '23

Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Penn Hills High School
Dream Job
Athletic director for Division I or II collegiate sports
Hobbies & Interests
Photography, playing rugby, cars

"Point Park is like no other university. There is a city vibe on the college campus. Being in a centralized location where there is live entertainment allows students to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant attractions in Pittsburgh."

Brandon Cunningham '23

What led you to Point Park University?

I felt that Point Park was a great transition for me to obtain my bachelor's degree after graduating from CCAC with my associate's degree in business administration. Point Park was able to transfer the majority of my credits allowing me to solely focus on classes specific to my major in Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business over the past two years. I appreciate that the University is close to my home so I can be with my family and work on my education.  

Why did you choose the Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business program?

Point Park's Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business program has provided me with experiential learning opportunities inside the classroom through lectures and hands-on coursework facilitated by quality professors, as well as opportunities in the field as an intern. I value that the professors have experience working with sports teams and bring that back into their teaching and training. I've learned a lot from professors Robert Derda, Hagen Starz and Teresa Gregory, especially in their courses related to personal branding and business development, sports sales and event management. This degree program has a high success rate in job placement after graduation. I have been able to network with alumni who have shared how they utilize their degrees within their careers. 

What are some of the activities you've been involved in during your time at Point Park?

I have interned with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Robert Morris University's athletic department and OTIS Elevators. I was privileged to have both paid and unpaid internships to support my professional development. I attended numerous conferences, such as the Sports Industry Network Conference in Washington, D.C., the National Sales Network Conference in Atlanta and a Cleveland Cavaliers workshop in Cleveland. I networked with many businesses, learned from professionals as high-ranking as CEOs of sports companies and collaborated with peers on various community projects. I was brought into conversations and projects that most students outside of Point Park wouldn’t have experienced. I was able to take the knowledge and skills learned from networking opportunities, tasks and assignments to help me grow in my confidence and learn how to market myself as a Black professional.  

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Was there a moment during your Point Park career where you felt everything click or come together?

Working with the Rising Brothers and Sisters program allowed me to reflect on where I was as a high school student, not knowing what direction I wanted to take after graduation. It is a mentorship program of Point Park's Rowland School of Business that seeks to grow the representation of professionals of color on campus and in high schools through support systems and programs focused on academic preparedness, career readiness and character development. Being a physical representation of how young Black students can excel in academia is important to me.

What do you like about going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh?

Point Park is like no other university. There is a city vibe on the college campus. Being in a centralized location where there is live entertainment allows students to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant attractions in Pittsburgh.

What are some must-visit restaurants or destinations in Pittsburgh that you would recommend to other students?

For food, check out:

For entertainment:

Why would you recommend Point Park to a prospective student?

The class sizes are small, so you truly work side by side with your professors. This makes it easier to build relationships with your professors who can open doors for you in your professional interests. Also, Point Park listens to the students’ voices and is willing to support their interests. The University is becoming more diverse, and I appreciate how they are working every day to be a more innovative college.

Learn more about the SAEM program in the video below:

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