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"As a transfer student, I experienced other colleges and universities, and I can without a doubt say that the SAEM faculty stand far above the rest."

Brianna Joyce '15

Taking with them the knowledge and skills gained from Point Park University, more than half a dozen Pioneers have moved to Nashville to begin their careers in entertainment management.

“It’s great to see so many of our sports, arts and entertainment management majors getting jobs and internships in Nashville. Working for managers, booking agents, business managers and others are a perfect match with what we’re teaching in our classes,” said SAEM Professor Ed Traversari, MBA.

As a concert promoter with nearly 40 years of live entertainment expertise, Traversari has built many connections in Nashville and has taken Point Park students on several industry networking trips there. 

Meet our Point Park Pioneers in Music City

Pictured is SAEM alumna Brianna Joyce.

Brianna Joyce '15

Account Executive, FBMM

How did our faculty impact you?

"The faculty at Point Park have been and continue to be incredible mentors and cheerleaders. Not only did they educate me and encourage me, but we've continued to remain in touch even now that I’m living in Nashville and started my career path. As a transfer student, I experienced other colleges and universities, and I can without a doubt say that the SAEM faculty stand far above the rest. Their commitment and passion for what they do is incredible, and I am forever grateful to have made those relationships!"

Pictured is Sterling Koerpel.

Sterling Koerpel

Membership & Convention Services Coordinator, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation

How have you helped other Point Park students?

"Professors Ed Traversari and Steve Tanzilli have created a direct line of communication between their former students in Nashville and those in Pittsburgh interested in moving here. Every time Ed or Steve brings students to Music City, I make it a point to meet with them. I'll always gladly be a resource to anyone looking for information or support in making the move to Nashville. Any friend of Point Park is also a friend of mine!"

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Evan Pearson. Photo by Lexie Mikula.

Evan Pearson '16

Event Lead, Ryman Hospitality Properties

What are your favorite Point Park memories?

"My time as an intern for Pioneer Records and as an artist playing with John Rushlander are some of my favorite memories. The people I met through the work we were doing at the label were great. Also, playing in a band with great musicians while working with the label to create opportunities for us was fun and exciting. Professor Ed Traversari's stories also get an honorable mention here."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Kelsey Roche.

Kelsey Roche '19

Account Assistant, FBMM

How have your SAEM classes helped you in your position?

"The SAEM classes really helped me learn the way the music industry works, as well as all of the music 'lingo.' I learned concepts and terms I literally use in the office on a daily basis. The SAEM faculty were always trying to incorporate real-life scenarios into their classes so you get as much real-world experience as possible. In my career, I would love to work my way up to being a business manager for artists. I am a musician as well so I would love to do that on the side or incorporate it into my work somehow."

Pictured is business management alumna Julie Bowser.

Julie Bowser '19

Assistant, Larkin Poe; Usher, Ryman Auditorium and Intern, Red Light Management

How did our faculty impact you?

"The SAEM faculty have definitely impacted me professionally, especially Professor Ed Traversari. From the beginning of my freshman year, he encouraged me to get internships and join street teams around Pittsburgh to help build my resume. Another SAEM professor who has always been very supportive of me is Professor Paige Beal. Before moving to Nashville, I moved to Los Angeles. Both moves were to help advance my career and Paige and Ed are always available to meet with me and give advice."

Pictured is Spencer Bartoletti.

Spencer Bartoletti

Singer and Songwriter, Dan Hodges Music and Reverie Lane

How did our faculty impact you?

"Even though I only had Professor Ed Traversari for one class, I instantly saw him as a mentor. He was always open to help and answer any questions. We've remained in touch through the years. A lot of my professors in the broadcasting program had a huge impact on me as well. Even though I live far away from home now (I'm originally from Burgettstown, Pa.), I still remain in contact with a lot of peole I met during my time at Point Park."

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