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Meet Shivansh Waleacha '23

Economics and Finance
Business Management
College Activities
Treasurer of the Student Government Association, resident educator, Pioneer Ambassador for student orientation, Campus Activities Board and Student Accounting Association
New Delhi, India
High School
Lotus Valley International School
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dream Job
Financial analyst at an investment bank
Hobbies & Interests
Football, cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers, going to the gym at the Student Center and grabbing a pizza from Genoa's with my friends

"Point Park is one of the most welcoming environments I've ever experienced. You can be from anywhere, from any background, and feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself at this school."

Shivansh Waleacha '23

What do you like about Point Park's economics and finance program?

My favorite thing about Point Park's economics and finance program is that the professors bring real-world experience to the classroom. They teach us relevant skills and connect us with valuable networking opportunities with professionals in the field. Point Park also has a high faculty-to-student ratio, so it's easy to get one-on-one instruction and build relationships. I can count on any of the faculty in the Rowland School of Business whenever I need help with a problem I'm facing. 

Describe your role with the Office of Student Life and what you enjoy about it. 

As a resident educator, or RE, I love being an aide to our on-campus students whenever they need it! The RE program allows students to gain experience working in groups and independently. We are assigned responsibilities that help us develop our communication and problem-solving skills, which will be applicable to any careers we pursue. RE's also enjoy team-building experiences, training and we plan events together.  

Tell us about your internship and how it's preparing you for the workforce.

I am an investment and financial planning intern at Signature Financial Planning, which is within walking distance of campus. I've been interning with them for more than six months. My internship requires me to hone my hard skills like using Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and proprietary software used in the finance industry. All of this experience will be transferable when I graduate and enter the workforce. I will already be comfortable with many of the tools used in the field, which will make me a more competitive job candidate. 

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How would you describe Point Park's campus feel? 

Point Park is one of the most welcoming environments I've ever experienced. You can be from anywhere, from any background, and feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself at this school. It is a community where pretty much everyone knows each other. It's also great that our campus is so close to so many businesses that are willing to give students hands-on opportunities. 

What are some of your favorite campus events you've attended?

My favorites events are Campus Activities Board's monthly bingo nights! I try to attend every month, and I have also hosted a lot of them. Everyone has a blast, plus they give away some great prizes. I also enjoy Pioneer Records' open mic nights and the events that I get to plan with my fellow resident educators. We recently had a "Donuts and Dogs" event where we got to eat donuts and relax with therapy dogs. 

Why would you recommend Point Park to a prospective student?

I recommend Point Park because of its small class sizes, affordability, the Downtown Pittsburgh location and the experienced faculty who have worked in the fields they teach. You will feel energized and welcomed as soon as you enter this community. The faculty and staff will become your friends. 

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