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Meet Emily Jamison

Major: B.A., Psychology
Expected Graduation: 2017
Tyrone, Pa.
High School:
Tyrone Area High School

Originally it was the theatre program here that first attracted me to Point Park, but even after I decided to change my major (twice!), I still loved the urban campus and the way Pittsburgh just felt like home to me.

What makes going to Point Park for your major different from any other University?

Our psychology program here is bomb! We offer a bachelor of arts degree rather than a bachelor of science, meaning we take a much more humanistic approach to the field rather than through a purely scientific lens. Our professors are amazing and I always leave class excited to discuss what I learned with my friends. I wouldn't want to go through any other program!

What is your favorite memory that you've had in Pittsburgh?

It's impossible to pick a favorite memory. I like to be involved so I've had so many wonderful times with all of my friends here in Pittsburgh. Some of my favorite things I've done are First Fridays on Penn art crawls, yoga on the Mt. Washington lookout every Wednesday, going on walks in the different parks, and snuggling on the couch with all my friends watching Bob's Burgers when the weather starts to turn.

What activities are you involved with here at Point Park (both on campus and off)?

I've bounced around between different activities a lot so far during my time at Point Park. My freshman year I was involved with CAB (Campus Activities Board) and the SAEM club for a period of time. I've also served on the United Student Government, as well as an Honors Student Organization mentor during my sophomore year. I'm also an orientation leader during the summers, which is the best job around. Off campus I work at Diamond Market Bar and Grill in Market Square, and hope to be a volunteer with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape soon.

What changes have you noticed in yourself since moving to Pittsburgh?

Everyone changes when they leave home and go to a university. It's hard to think of some specific aspects because I feel like I've changed so much for the better. Thanks to the friends and professors I have had so far I feel like I have become a much more authentic and aware individual in all aspects of my life, which I feel is very important. I'm thankful for all the changes I have experienced since moving here.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?

Be gentle with yourself. Adjusting to life in a new place with all new people is never easy. It can take a while to feel comfortable, but don't let that deter you. Explore the activities we have to offer here on campus, as well as exploring Pittsburgh outside of our little corner downtown. The more you throw yourself into University life and the city, your transition will be much easier and more exciting.

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Text and photos by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major