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Full-Time Faculty

Explore the biographical pages of our full-time faculty, listed below by academic departments/majors.



Beal, Paige, associate professor of sports, arts and entertainment management
Breslove, William
, professor of business management
Bromall, George, professor of business management
Cesario, Amy, lecturer of accounting
Ciletti, Dorene, associate professor of sales and marketing
Clark, Cheryl, professor of accounting
DeFazio, Joseph, instructor of finance
Derda, Robert, associate professor of sports, arts and entertainment management
Gilfillan, Margaret, professor emerita of accounting
Gregory, Teresa, associate professor of sports, arts and entertainment management
Isaac, Angela, professor of economics and finance
Knorr, Helena, professor of organizational leadership
Kraniou, Dimitris, professor of international economics and management
Langbein, Michele, professor of business management
Luther, Elaine, professor of business management
Maharaja, Archish, professor of business
Mervosh, Sandra, assistant professor of human resources
Mulvihill, Patrick, assistant professor of management
Olshanski, Jayne, assistant professor of accounting
Palacios-Salguero, Luis, associate professor of economics and finance
Perkins, Charles, professor of business management
Seaman, Jeffrey, assistant professor of applied computer science
Skertich Robert, professor of public administration
Talbott, Jamesena, professor of leadership and community engagement
Tanzilli, Stephen, dean of the Rowland School of Business
Traversari, Ed, professor of sports, arts and entertainment management
Voortman, Mark, associate professor of applied computer science
Wachter, Andrea, professor of applied computer science
Wachter, Edward, professor of business management

Cinema Arts

Halasz, Andrew, chair and professor of cinema production
Boyd, Laura J., associate professor of cinema production
D'Haene, Elise, teaching artist
Hawkins, Rick, senior teaching artist and director of screenwriting program
Johnson, Fredrick, professor of cinema arts
Morrison, David, assistant professor of animation
Park, Hanjin, associate professor of directing and director of cinema production program
Pelfrey, Matt, M.F.A. graduate program director and associate professor
Trueblood, Jonathan, associate professor and director of animation and visual effects program


Ankney, Bernie, dean
Baggerman, Thom
, professor of broadcast journalism
Cecala, Robin, associate professor of broadcast production
Dorsten, Aimee-Marie, associate professor of journalism and mass communication
Downing, Camille, lecturer of public relations and integrated marketing communications
Dumova, Tatyana, professor of communication
Fabilli, David, professor emeritus of broadcasting
Fallon, Helen, professor emeritus of journalism
Friges, April, associate professor of photography
Hallock, Steve, professor of journalism
Hudson, Timothy, professor emeritus of communication
Lo Castro, Jenna, assistant professor of public relations and advertising
Meyers, Robert, associate professor of graphic and interactive design
O'Gara, Bob, professor emeritus of public relations and advertising
Rolinson, Chris, professor of photography, photojournalism
Schonberger, Ben, coordinator, BFA photography program and lecturer 

Community Engagement

Starr Fiedler, Heather, chair and professor of multimedia

Criminal Justice & Intelligence Studies

Botta, Michael, professor of criminal justice and intelligence studies
Linzer, Richard A., associate professor of criminal justice
Martin, Sean Elliot, assistant professor of criminal justice and intelligence studies
Richards, Andrew, instructor of criminal justice and intelligence studies
Strimlan, Edward, associate professor of forensic science
Wintz, Mark, associate professor of intelligence and national security


Hooper, Colleen, chair and assistant professor of dance
Lemonius, Garfield, dean and artistic director, Conservatory of Performing Arts and professor of dance
Frazier, Crystal, assistant professor of dance
Kirk, Jay, professor of dance and director of ballet unit
Lalama, Kiesha, professor of dance and director of jazz unit
Leifer-Bentz, Judith, associate professor of dance and director of modern unit
Lucas, Kiki, assistant professor of dance
McDole, Jason, associate professor of dance
Spaulding, Marc, visiting assistant professor
Stowe, Susan, professor of dance


Beverina Moore, Denise, instructor of education
Chambers, Virginia
, associate professor of education
Denton, Stanley, professor of education
Edmunds, Christal, professor of education
Ehrlich, Elisabeth, instructor of education
Glunk, Janice, professor of education
Gutkind, Richard, professor of education
Hippert, Linda, assistant professor of education
Marnich, Darlene, professor and founding dean 
McIntyre, Karen S., professor of education
Misutka, Kristen, lecturer of education
Revilla-Beltrán, Vincenne, professor of education
Wheat, Arleen, associate professor of special education
York, Kamryn, lecturer of education

Engineering, Engineering Management and Engineering Technology

Dobzhanskyi, Oleksandr, assistant professor of electrical engineering
Draper, Robert, professor of mechanical engineering
Garson, Robert, professor of civil engineering technology
Johnson, Gregg, associate professor of electrical engineering
Keller, Donald, professor of electrical engineering
Kudlac, John, professor emeritus
Liu, Yan, associate professor of civil engineering technology
Mundru, Raju, assistant professor of electrical engineering
Parsa, Aram, associate professor of mechanical engineering 
Reed, Daniel, associate professor emeritus of civil engineering technology
Tran, Hai, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Humanities and Social Sciences

Burns, Jehnie, associate professor of history
Dixon, Marion, assistant professor of sociology
Firestone, Nathan, professor emeritus of political science
Ion, Dora, assistant professor of political science
Meena, Edward, professor of history
Newman, Channa, professor of French and cultural studies
Panzella, Emmett, professor emeritus of history/geography

Literary Arts and Social Justice 

Bell, Kim, professor emerita of English as a Second Language
Barrow, Barbara, associate professor of English
Dwyer, Karen, professor of English
Girman, Chris, assistant professor of literary arts
Hanley, Kirstin, associate professor of composition and rhetoric
Hines, J. Dwight, professor of literary arts and social justice studies
McCort, Jessica, associate professor of composition and rhetoric
Perrier, Sarah, professor of English
Ross, Robert, professor of literary arts and social justice studies
Weston, Portia K., professor emerita of composition and literature

Natural Sciences

Frost, Laura, professor of biology
Krill, Diane, professor of biology
Long, Kristy, instructor of natural sciences
Marnich, Mark, professor of mathematics
Mullan, Brendan, associate professor of physics
Opdyke, Matthew, professor of environmental sciences
Pascal, Matthew, professor of mathematics
Young, Rebekah, lecture of natural sciences and engineering technology


Allen, Matthew, professor of psychology
Avellar, Todd Raymond, assistant professor of psychology
Bennett, Elizabeth, assistant professor of psychology 
Brinkman, Britney, associate professor of psychology
Lowe, Amanda B., assistant professor of psychology
McInerney, Robert, professor of psychology
Morris, Bethany, assistant professor of psychology
Robbins, Brent, professor of psychology
Schulz, Sarah, associate professor of psychology


Daras, April, chair and associate professor of theatre
Amplas, John, professor emeritus of theatre
Ayache, Milia, visiting assistant professor and director of acting
Bollinger, Aaron, professor and director of theatre production
Barzell, Zeva, professor and director of musical theatre 
Cunningham, James, visiting assistant professor of theatre
Keitel, Richard, professor of theatre and director of theatre arts
Klein, Rochelle, professor emeritus of theatre
Lindblom, Ronald Allan, emeritus artistic director, Pittsburgh Playhouse
Marquette, Tim, assistant professor and coordinator of private voice
Martin, Kim, producing director, Pittsburgh Playhouse
Mayer-Staley, Stephanie, professor of theatre production
McKenna, Sheila, professor of theatre
McManus, John, associate professor of theatre 
Muñoz, Samuel, associate professor of theatre
Pang, Yan, visiting assistant professor of theatre
Shepard, John, professor emeritus of theatre
Walsh, Robin, professor of theatre
Wilson, Cat, assistant professor
Winters, Phil, professor of theatre