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Point Park University hosted its annual Outstanding Student Awards banquet at the Fairmont Pittsburgh on Friday, April 22. Photo | Jim Judkis

The Point Park University community celebrated the end of the 2015-16 academic year at the annual Outstanding Student Awards banquet April 22.

Nearly 300 students, faculty, staff and family members enjoyed an elegant evening at the Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel, just a few blocks from campus, to recognize student accomplishments.

"You are all winners who embody the Point Park spirit," said Paul Hennigan, Ed.D., president of Point Park. "You've done an outstanding job and we are very, very proud of you. Congratulations to all of you."

More than 25 students, mostly graduating seniors, received awards for their academic achievements or their contributions to the campus community (see full list below).

"Point Park has developed me into a leader who will hopefully make a positive impact on the community of Pittsburgh," said senior sports, arts and entertainment major Amber Flevaris. "I was truly honored to be recognized. This was the perfect final chapter in my wonderful undergraduate career at Point Park."

"Point Park has not only changed me for the better, but it has also made me realize that there is value in everything around you," said senior public relations and advertising major Kariann Mano. "It was such a great feeling to be nominated, let alone receive awards for my work."

"To be recognized by my peers, alumni and mentors as someone they consider outstanding or distinguished is a true honor," said senior dance major Hailey Turek. "I am always growing and developing my skills, but for that one evening I felt a sense of satisfaction with all the work I've done at Point Park."

Freshman secondary education major Tim Grebeck was recognized as an emerging leader on Point Park's campus.

"Point Park has made me into a much more mature, independent and outgoing person than I had ever thought possible," Grebeck said. "I expect to see even more amazing changes come from my time at Point Park, and I know that this is the right school for me."

Earlier in the evening, Point Park inducted 38 new members into the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society. The students are juniors and seniors who were selected based on their grade point averages.

2016 Point Park University Student Award Recipients

Academic Excellence

School of Arts and Sciences
  • Kelly Schuetz, Criminal Justice
  • Melinda Harrison-Laster, Intelligence and National Security
  • Lauren Finkbeiner, Forensic Science
  • Marcella Arrie Griffin, Education
  • Kamaria Tucker, Humanities and Human Sciences
  • Zachary Borzovoy, Literary Arts
  • Erin Faight, Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology
School of Business
  • Amber Flevaris, Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
  • Isabella Vavrek, Business Management
School of Communication Conservatory of Performing Arts
  • Mark Gazica, Cinema
  • Julia Grubbs, Dance
  • April Yanko, Theatre

Co-curricular Awards

Honors Program: Outstanding Seniors Don Kelly Student Athlete Leadership Award Student Affairs
  • Tim Grebeck, Emerging Leader
  • Ashley Black, Unsung Hero
  • Black Student Union, Outstanding Student Organization
  • Feminist Collective, Outstanding New Student Organization
  • WPPJ's 35th Annual Rock-A-Thon, Program of the Year
  • Patricia Sorg, Outstanding Orientation Leader
  • Anna Goforth, Christian Moore, Adam Rossi and Emily Yount, Outstanding Residence Life Staff Members
  • Hailey Turek, Outstanding Student Leader
Point Park University Alumni Association
  • James Baker, Distinguished Graduate Student
  • Hailey Turek, Distinguished Undergraduate Student
  • Amber Flevaris, Rishee Belloquet, Christian Moore and Phillip Gertz, Certificate of Pioneer Excellence

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