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Data and information about Point Park

The Factbook provides statistical data and summary information designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about Point Park University. The Factbook serves as a good first point-of-reference for institutional assessment, self-study, planning and resource allocation.

To view a collection of our most commonly used charts for the most recent Factbook, view the Factbook At A Glance page.

The Factbook is available for the following years:

Factbook 2023-24 (.pdf)
Factbook 2022-23 (.pdf)
Factbook 2021-22 (.pdf)
Factbook 2020-21 (.pdf)
Factbook 2019-20 (.pdf)
Factbook 2018-19 (.pdf)
Factbook 2017-18
Factbook 2016-17
Factbook 2015-16
Factbook 2014-15
Factbook 2013-14 (.pdf)
Factbook 2012-13 (.pdf)
Factbook 2011-12 (.pdf)
Factbook 2010-11 (.pdf)
Factbook 2009-10 (.pdf)
Factbook 2008-09 (.pdf)
Factbook 2007-08 (.pdf)
Factbook 2006-07 (.pdf)
Factbook 2005-06 (.pdf)

 Adobe Reader is required for viewing these reports.