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Rowland School of Business

Undergraduate Business Alumni Success Stories

Meet our Undergraduate School of Business Alumni

In the profiles featured below, meet alumni from Point Park University's undergraduate programs in the School of Business. These School of Business alums discuss why they chose Point Park and talk about their experiences with hands-on course work, class sizes, faculty and student interaction, internships, campus life, job searches and how their bachelor's degree has helped them to succeed in their career fields.

Point Park University at ShowClix alumni pictured left to right are Jessica Merritt, Amy Constantine-Kline and Stephanie Driscoll (back row); Ally Zrowka, David Kennedy and Clayton Stasenko (front row)

Alumni at ShowClix

Pictured left to right: Jessica Merritt, Amy Constantine-Kline and Stephanie Driscoll (back row); Ally Zrowka, David Kennedy and Clayton Stasenko (front row)

"Going to Point Park inspired me to start reaching out to others who were involved in different facets of the industry. It was through reaching out to people and volunteering at different events and organizations around the city, that I met people who pointed me in the right direction to get my box office experience and eventually this job with ShowClix." 

Clayton Stasenko, SAEM 2015 graduate and customer care representative for ShowClix

Pictured is Rebecca Shore, SAEM alumna and marketing planning specialist for Dick's Sporting Goods. | Photo by Gracey Evans

Rebecca Shore

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2015
Marketing Planning Specialist, Dick's Sporting Goods

"Point Park has truly helped me get where I am today. All the connections and experiences I made while in school helped me achieve and excel in my career at Dick’s Sporting Goods — and I’ve just started. The professors at Point Park have so many connections in the industry. They really help you gain real-world experience. The sky is the limit for me!"

Pictured is public administration alumnus Jeff Gooch, desktop administrator and volunteer fire captain for Cranberry Township. | Photo by Gracey Evans

Jeff Gooch

B.S. in Public Administration, 2016
Desktop Administrator and Volunteer Fire Chief, Cranberry Township

"All my courses at Point Park were fully online. I enjoyed this, but it required strong commitment and self-motivation! Some of my favorite classes were those taught by Dr. Skertich, who used video-based lectures to supplement the course work. I found this to be extremely helpful. Many of my professors were leaders in the public safety field and brought a wealth of knowledge to the virtual classroom."

Pictured is April Weber Upplegger, corporate sales and event supervisor for Slingshot Entertainment in Atlanta. | Photo submitted by Upplegger

April (Weber) Upplegger

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Corporate Sales & Events Supervisor, Slingshot Entertainment

"When I saw that Point Park offered a degree in sports, arts and entertainment management that was related to the business side of the performing arts, I was intrigued. I had never heard of a program like that. Within a few months, I applied to transfer to Point Park and then packed my bags for the 1,700-mile journey. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Pictured is Brett Gwosden, accounting alumnus and tax associate for BDO USA, LLP. | Photo by Daniel Kelly

Brett Gwosden

B.S. in Accounting, 2014
Tax Associate, BDO USA, LLP

"I had an accounting class in high school that initially led me to pursuing a degree in accounting. I decided on Point Park University because I liked the urban campus and was also looking for an opportunity to play soccer."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Brianna Joyce, account assistant for FBMM in Nashville, Tenn. | Photo submitted by Joyce

Brianna Joyce

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2014
Account Assistant, Flood, Bumstead, McCready and McCarthy Inc.

"Point Park’s SAEM program has prepared me professionally by giving me the real tools and knowledge to get the job done. Unlike the other universities I attended, Point Park was much more focused on the real world and what real employers in this industry, both in Pittsburgh and around the country, are looking for in employees."

Pictured is Rosemary Mazzeo, accounting alumna and manager of risk advisory services for Schneider Downs. | Photo by Olivia Ruk

Rosemary Mazzeo (Coombs)

B.S. in Accounting, 2010
Manager of Risk Advisory Services, Schneider Downs

"With the small class sizes at Point Park, I was able to build close relationships with all of my professors. The faculty had a vested interest in my success, both inside and outside of the classroom, and always made time to discuss job opportunitiesinternships and their experience in the industry."

Pictured is Rachel Travisano, SAEM alumna and concert coordinator for Pittsburgh Winery. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Rachel Travisano

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2015
Concert Coordinator, Pittsburgh Winery

"I learned so much in my SAEM classes that can be directly applied to my current position. Specifically, my classes in Facility and Venue Design/Administration, Business of Live Entertainment, Business of Concert Promotion and Touring, and Marketing and Promotion have helped me the most."

Pictured is Adam Sutermaster, SAEM alumnus and box office/event specialist for BOM Advisers. | Photo submitted by Sutermaster

Adam Sutermaster

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2013
Event/Box Office Specialist, BOM Advisers

"All of the SAEM classes were important in helping me in my career field. The professors and the classes gave me the knowledge and the tools to carve my own path through this industry."

Pictured is public administration alumnus Michael Volpe, shift commander for Swissvale Fire Department. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Michael Volpe

B.S. in Public Administration, 2015
Shift Commander, Swissvale Fire Department

"All of the classes I have taken at Point Park will benefit me in all types of supervisory roles. This degree definitely expanded my horizons and helped me gain important pieces of information, which were vital keys to my promotion within the department."

Pictured is Lauren Berner, accounting alumna and U.S. tax specialist for BNY Mellon. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Lauren Berner

B.S. in Accounting, 2016
U.S. Tax Specialist, The Bank of New York Mellon

"I chose Point Park University because of its well-known academic programs and small class sizes. Downtown Pittsburgh is also one of my favorite places, so that was another plus. Being in smaller classes really helped me understand the material better. All of my professors were available and willing to help whenever I needed it."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Meredith Savage, VIP services coordinator for Madison Square Garden. | Photo by Jessica Braveman

Meredith Savage

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2014
VIP Services Coordinator, Madison Square Garden

"When I visited Point Park, it was my first time to Pittsburgh, and I fell in love with the city and the SAEM program. I knew that I wanted to move to NYC after graduating college, and the city of Pittsburgh was a great size and offered the opportunity to get used to living in an urban area before moving to NYC."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Rachel Winkler, development operations assistant for Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in NYC. | Photo by Cara Charlton

Rachel Winkler

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2014
Development Operations Assistant, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

"Location, real-world experience, small classes, endless opportunities. Point Park is such a unique college and really prepares students for their future. Being Downtown surrounded by sport stadiums, performing arts stages and entertainment venues gives you a variety of opportunities you might not have elsewhere."

Pictured is Amela Burlovic, business management alumna and senior data governance officer/VP for BNY Mellon. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Amela Burlovic

B.S. in Business Management, 2013
Senior Data Governance Officer, Vice President, BNY Mellon

"While I was a student at the Community College of Allegheny County, I heard about Point Park from several Bosnians in my community who went there and had a good experience. I was already working in an accounting role so I was drawn to an undergraduate degree in business management."

Pictured is Kyle Lucot, 2011 economics and finance alumnus and group claims team leader for Cigna. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Kyle Lucot

B.S. in Economics and Finance, 2011
Group Claims Team Leader, Cigna

"My economics and finance classes prepared me for this role in a variety of ways. They taught me the importance of time management and being able to prioritize. While I was in school, there was always so much going on — from attending classes and preparing for exams to working on projects and being a member of the baseball team. My busy schedule forced me to quickly learn how to manage my time effectively, which has proven to be a transferable skill that helps me on a daily basis at Cigna."

Pictured is Lucy Osinski, SAEM alumna and business development consultant for Winston Baker in Monaco. | Photo by Ilene Osinski

Lucy Osinski

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
Business Development Consultant, Winston Baker

"I really felt my SAEM classes were realistic to the industry. I liked that the faculty pushed us all to get internships and dip our toes in the real world before graduating. I specifically remember my marketing class with Paige Beal was extremely eye opening and very helpful. It was the first time someone really pushed me towards excellence rather than mediocrity."

Pictured is Tony Zoroya, online public administration program graduate and transport coordinator for STAT MedEvac. | Photo by Robert Skertich, Ph.D.

Tony Zoroya

B.S. in Public Administration, 2016
Transport Coordinator, STAT MedEvac
Local Level Suppression Instructor, Pennsylvania State Fire Academy

"I have really fallen in love with being a fire instructor so I would like to do that more often. My degree in public administration has opened up a lot of doors in the area of government and public safety so I can see myself there shortly."

Pictured is Mathew Davis, public administration alumnus and deputy fire chief for Dormont Fire Department. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Mathew Davis

B.S. in Public Administration, 2014
Deputy Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator, Dormont Fire Department

"After graduating from Point Park, I was accepted into the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program. Many of the concepts I learned at Point Park I have applied to this program."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Frank McDade, marketing and content strategy manager for PwC Experience Center and independent comedian/producer. | Photo by Mindy Cooper

Frank McDade

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2008
Marketing and Content Strategy Manager, PwC Experience Center
Independent Comedian/Producer

"There are a lot of projects in the SAEM classes surrounding talent management and how to market entertainment entities. I've been able to reposition myself a few times over the past six years in ways that I had never imagined, which has led to some really cool projects."

Pictured is HR management alumna Angela Finke, benefits coordinator for System One. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Angela Finke

B.S. in Human Resource Management, 2015
Benefits Coordinator, System One

"Point Park professors, especially in the human resource management major, had consistent teaching methods, which worked well for me. The professors have real-world experience, and backed up their experiences with information from our textbooks."

Pictured is accounting alumna Mariah Jensen, audit associate for HBK CPAs and Consultants. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Mariah Jensen

B.S. in Accounting, 2015
Audit Associate, HBK CPAs & Consultants

"Point Park was the perfect fit for me and I believe the University gave me the opportunity to receive an excellent education due to the personalized interactions I received from professors who have real-world accounting experience."

Pictured is information technology alumnus Jonathan Grzandziel. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Jonathan Grzandziel

B.S. in Information Technology, 2015
Business Analyst, PITT OHIO Express

"My most memorable experiences at Point Park were meeting people who shared similar career goals, walking around Downtown Pittsburgh to find a place to eat lunch and talking to my professors about everything from IT-related topics to family life."

Pictured is Chad Sanders, 2014 human resource management alumnus and information technology recruiter for Synergy Staffing, Inc. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Chad Sanders

B.S. in Human Resource Management, 2014
Information Technology Recruiter, Synergy Staffing, Inc.

"Anyone can teach from the book but Point Park professors Elaine Luther, Wayne Grim, Michael Brna and Paul Nutter always translated the material we were learning into real-world scenarios and provided us with up-to-date information on current trends and events in business. I also liked the teaching styles of the faculty who taught online classes offered in the HR management program."

Pictured is Philip Isabella, accounting and M.B.A. alumnus and  accounting and finance recruitment manager for International Financial Group. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Philip Isabella

B.S. in Accounting, 2009
Accounting and Finance Recruitment Manager, International Financial Group

"For undergraduate, I chose Point Park because it was in a central location and I had heard good things about its School of Business. Additionally, the University offered me several scholarships along with the opportunity to play baseball."

Pictured is Yasmin Elgendy, a native of Egypt, market developer in Saudi Arabia and a business management and M.B.A. in global management and administration alumna. | Photo by Khaled Zena

Yasmin Elgendy

B.S. in Business Management, 2013
Market Developer, Think Tank Co. in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"My business management and M.B.A. in global administration and management degrees taught me how to analyze businesses and markets and how to study the indirect effect economics, politics and global conditions can have on organizations. The vast amount of research I conducted for different courses at Point Park have helped me a lot in my current role. Point Park’s professors really teach students how to apply what they learn in school into the real world."

Pictured is Christina Cairns, dance and sports, arts and entertainment management alumna and company dancer for MamLuft&Co. Dance. | Photo courtesy of MamLuft&Co. Dance

Christina Cairns

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management and B.A. in Dance, 2015
Company Dancer, MamLuft&Co. Dance

"By double majoring, I have opened up so many different opportunities for myself. I am so happy that I am dancing now professionally and I hope I do this for several more years. However, a dance career can sometimes end quickly due to an injury or many other reasons. I now have a back-up career in the business industry, which I enjoy very much and plan to use eventually."

Photo courtesy of MamLuft&Co. Dance

Pictured is Paige Krivda, 2014 accounting alumna and auditor for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. | Photo by Michelle Strong

Paige Krivda

B.S. in Accounting, 2014
Auditor, U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

"I landed this position based on my strong background in accounting and communications gained through my studies at Point Park University. Specifically, the Treasury was impressed with my understanding of forensic accounting and my effective writing skills."

Pictured is Robby Bell, an SAEM alumnus of Point Park University and marketing specialist for the Rivers Casino. | Photo by Chris Squier

Robby Bell

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2010
Marketing Specialist, Rivers Casino

"Point Park puts you on a solid career path because you get so much hands-on experience as a student. They set higher standards than other schools when it comes to gaining experience. At Point Park, you’re also exposed to the arts more. I look back and joke about it, but I realize some of the classes I took outside of my major really brought me out of my comfort zone and opened me up to different perspectives."

Pictured is Lauren Kachmar, 2011 SAEM alumna and box officer supervisor for World Cafe Live. | Photo by Joseph Shughart

Lauren Kachmar

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Box Office Supervisor, World Cafe Live

"When I started at World Cafe Live, I immediately began to realize that what I was doing on a day-to-day basis was related to what I learned in my SAEM classes such as the Business of Live Entertainment and the Business of Concert Promotion and Touring. It was such a great feeling knowing that all the time spent in class was worth it!"

Pictured is Erika Jones, 2015 information technology alumnus and compliance analyst for ClinicalConnect. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Erika Jones

B.S. in Information Technology, 2015
Compliance Analyst, ClinicalConnect Health Information Exchange

"I also loved Point Park’s location, the Saturday class schedule for working adults and the type of classes offered in the IT program … I was extremely lucky to have Chris Carmody as one of my professors at Point Park. He was an amazing instructor."

Pictured is Christine Schell, a 2015 SAEM graduate, special events associate for the Andy Warhol Museum and social media associate for Peony Entertainment. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

Christine Schell

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2015
Special Events Associate, The Andy Warhol Museum
Social Media Associate, Peony Entertainment

"With Point Park's location being in the heart of the city, I was able to work toward a degree, get credit for several internships and maintain a part-time job while I was a student. The SAEM program is one of a kind and there are a wide variety of ways the degree can be utilized."

Pictured is Jessica Calzi, a 2014 dance and accounting alumna and staff accountant for Schneider Downs. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Jessica Calzi

B.S. in Accounting, B.F.A. in Dance, 2015
Staff Accountant, Schneider Downs

"Attending Point Park was a great experience. It taught me a lot not only in terms of schooling, but also in life. It helped shape who I am today and I am very thankful for that."

Pictured is Victoria Blackburn, 2015 sports, arts and entertainment management graduate and e-commerce content coordinator for Dick's Sporting Goods. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Victoria Blackburn

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2015
E-Commerce Content Coordinator, Dick's Sporting Goods

“I knew I wanted to attend college in a city that had a strong connection to the arts. I was also transferring from community college and wanted to choose a program that would accept the majority of my credits."

Pictured is Kazoza Mazzuki, a business management and M.B.A. alumnus of Point Park and ancillary analyst for UPMC Health Plan. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

Kazoza Mazzuki

B.S. in Business Management, 2013
Ancillary Analyst, UPMC Health Plan

“Choosing Point Park University was one of the better decisions I made for my career. Classes were an extension of work in the sense that you got out of them knowledge and technical skills you could immediately apply to your position."

Pictured is Melissa Redman, a sports, arts and entertainment management alumna and senior account executive for WQED. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Melissa Redman

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2008
Senior Account Executive, WQED Multimedia

“Point Park was such an amazing experience. The SAEM professors who worked in the industries they taught were key influences in helping me achieve success. They taught based on real-world experience rather than just reading text from a book."

Pictured is Brandon Marsico, 2014 business management alumnus, Veteran and ACCEL Retail Bank Development Program Associate. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Brandon Marsico

B.S. in Business Management, 2014
ACCEL Retail Bank Development Program Associate, PNC

“As a veteran, I thrive when working with a team. Because of this, I chose Point Park. I wanted small class sizes with a strong emphasis on group projects that promote teamwork.”

Pictured is Khouanchay (Kay) Krueger, 2015 accounting graduate and tax staff associate for Schneider Downs. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Khouanchay (Kay) Krueger

B.S. in Accounting, 2015
Tax Staff Associate, Schneider Downs

“I am the only member in my family to graduate college. And now, I’ve solidified my career in accounting, which is where I’m meant to be.”

Pictured is 2009 SAEM alumna Louise Diallo, a performance delivery manager for Marriott International in Chicago. | Photo by  Jonathan Sosa

Louise Diallo

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2009
Performance Development Manager, Marriott International

“After a semester of having classes with the SAEM faculty, I felt like I had picked the right major. The professors all taught with a very hands-on approach, which was especially great for me as an international student."

Pictured is Bret Kunash, sports, arts and entertainment management alumnus and promotions coordinator for Stage AE. | Photo by Amanda Dabbs

Bret Kunash

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Promotions Coordinator, Stage AE

“My time at Point Park was crucial to getting where I am today. I really tried to do exactly what my professors told me. With the guidance and advice from professors like Ed Traversari and Steve Tanzilli and Center for Student Success Coordinator Amy Kier, I was able to learn what it takes to be successful in this industry."

Pictured is Elizabeth Andreakos, 2013 business alumna and assistant facility manager for CBRE. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Elizabeth Andreakos

B.S. in Business, 2013
Assistant Facility Manager, CBRE

“The knowledge I gained during my time at Point Park was the driving force in my promotion. It was that knowledge that my direct boss recognized and ultimately led to his decision to recommend me for the position. I wouldn’t have had the qualifications required without the skills I obtained at Point Park."

Pictured is accelerated business alumnus Brock Masters, operations manager for PNC. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Brock Masters

B.S. in Business, 2014
Operations Manager, PNC Financial Services

“Earning a bachelor’s degree from Point Park not only provided me with the tools needed to become an effective manager within my organization, but it also taught me how to take those tools and apply them to my job responsibilities. I learned several different styles and philosophies that I began to insert into my daily activities, which helped me show I was capable of managing a team."

Pictured is 2014 public administration alumnus Harry Faulk, manager of Elizabeth Township. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Harry Faulk

B.S. in Public Administration, 2014
Township Manager, Township of Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pa.

“My B.S. degree played a significant role in me being selected as the manager of Elizabeth Township. My role requires leadership, excellent decision making skills and financial accountability. When you see an applicant who has a degree from Point Park, you know right away they possess these high caliber skills and will lead your organization to new heights."

Pictured is Ashley Johnson, a 2013 sports, arts and entertainment management alumna and corporate administrative manager for Landmark Event Staffing in Colorado. | Photo submitted by Johnson

Ashley Johnson

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2013
Corporate Administrative Manager, Landmark Event Staffing Services, Inc.

“I loved all of Professor Ed Traversari’s classes. He took us on tours of multiple venues throughout Pittsburgh such as the Benedum Center and Heinz Field. He brought in a lot of industry experts to talk to our classes and gave us a chance to network with those individuals."

Pictured is Jeffery Driscoll, 2013 B.A. in organizational leadership alumnus and area manager for Greyhound. | Photo by Anthony Charles

Jeffery Driscoll

B.A. in Organizational Leadership, 2013
Area Manager, Greyhound Lines, Inc.

“It was cool how work and school meshed so closely together. Nearly all of the papers I wrote during those 18 months in the program were based on what I was doing at work ... I now report to senior leadership. Earning my bachelor’s degree was like icing on the cake, the final straw to giving me this opportunity.”

Pictured is 2012 sports, arts and entertainment management major Ali Lewis, director of events for IL Mulino New York. | Photo by Mindy Weiss

Ali Lewis

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
Director of Events, IL Mulino New York

"Take advantage of being a student. This is the foundation of your future and the SAEM program is a really great way to begin your career. The faculty and staff are very connected within their fields and are so willing to help every student get off to a good start, and that's what makes the program so unique!"

Pictured is public administration and M.B.A. alumna Michelle Herrle, a business systems analyst for Management Science Associates, Inc. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Michelle Herrle

B.S. in Public Administration 2008
Business Systems Analyst, Management Science Associates, Inc.

"In the public administration program, I got to learn about both the nonprofit and business worlds. I really enjoyed my accounting and statistics classes and was surprised by how much I liked learning about the business side of things so I decided to stay at Point Park and earn my M.B.A. degree."

Pictured is BNY Mellon analyst Melisa Chipangila Campbell, a 2009 economics and finance and 2011 M.B.A. alumna. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Melisa Chipangila Campbell

B.S. in Economics and Finance, 2009
Analyst, Bank of New York Mellon

"Overall, I chose Point Park because of the small class size and its location in Downtown Pittsburgh. I didn’t want to be out in a rural area that's a far distance from the city. Point Park allowed me to really get to know Pittsburgh as a city and I loved that."

Pictured is Kelsey Williams, a 2011 SAEM alumna and marketing manager for Bruegger's. | Photo by Amanda Dabbs

Kelsey Williams

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Local Bakery Marketing Manager, Bruegger's Enterprises, Inc.

"Every day in my job I use the tactics I learned in my marketing and promotions class. My advice to students is that if you are in that class and interested in working in marketing, pay close attention and keep your notes! I also loved my event management class."

Pictured is Meghan McCabe, a 2013 sport, arts and entertainment management alumna and club manager for Heinz Field. | Photo by Connor Mulvaney

Meghan McCabe

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2013
Club Manager, Heinz Field

"Overall, I chose Point Park because the campus is in a vibrant city. Even though I grew up in the country, I’m a city girl at heart. I liked that I could have the whole city to explore during my time in college. Pittsburgh is a great city where you can easily make connections. I knew that the more connections I could make while I was still in school, the easier it would be to get a job."

Pictured is business management and M.B.A. alumnus Nicholas Colasante. | Photo by Connor Mulvaney

Nicholas Colasante

B.S. in Business Management, 2004
Cardiovascular Representative, Cyrolife, Inc.

"There were many factors that went into my decision to attend Point Park. Primarily, I knew I wanted a focused education where I could have close contact with my classmates and professors. Personally, I wasn’t interested in learning in a large auditorium with hundreds of other students. Secondly, I knew a lot of other students who graduated high school ahead of me and spoke very highly of the education and atmosphere at Point Park. There is no better referral than from people you know and trust and I took their advice seriously."

Pictured is Matthew Annecchiarico, accounting alumnus and staff accountant for KPMG.

Matthew Annecchiarico

B.S. in Accounting and Business Management, 2013
Staff Accountant, KPMG

"Point Park has given me the resources and knowledge to succeed in the real world. I have been able to achieve all the short-term and long-term goals I set out to accomplish over my four years of education. Point Park’s professors, Career Development Center and extra-curricular activities have collectively helped me set my career path and follow through on opportunities to get me to where I am today."

Pictured is David McCombie, accounting alumnus and regulatory risk analyst for KPMG.

David McCombie

B.S. in Accounting, 2013
Regulatory Risk Analyst, KPMG

"There are many factors that helped me in making Point Park the University where I wanted to study accounting. The course offerings in the program interested me along with the option to take evening classes since I’m a working adult. Another factor was how conveniently located Point Park was to my employer. After working eight hours, I liked that I did not have to travel far to attend classes."

Pictured is William Constant, an information technology alumnus and ETL Load Production Support Analyst for FiServ, Inc. | Photo by Jim Judkis

William Constant

B.S. in Information Technology, 2011
ETL Load Production Support Analyst, FiServ, Inc.

"The professors were friendly to talk to and always available to answer questions. Professor Natalya Goreva is great. As long as you put in the effort in her classes, she helps you out as much as she can. Also, the location of Point Park was perfect and it was easy to get to campus. I took the trolley in to class from my house in Dormont."

Pictured is M.B.A. and SAEM alumnus Dennis DiPasquale, an account executive for Expedient Data Centers. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Dennis DiPasquale

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2007
Account Executive, Expedient Data Centers

"Being involved in athletics at Point Park was a great experience. I also enjoyed living on campus in Downtown Pittsburgh. Although I’m from the Pittsburgh area, I still learned a lot about the city through the 'Introduction to Pittsburgh' course I took. Point Park has great professors and I got to know many of them personally."

Pictured is Rebekah Coley, a human resource management alumna and professional development specialist for Reed Smith. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Rebekah Coley

B.S. in Human Resource Management, 2012
Professional Development Specialist, Reed Smith LLP

"I chose Point Park’s HR management program for a couple of reasons. First of all, the curriculum fit my academic needs because all of the classes were either foundational business courses or psychology courses. The classes available at Point Park seemed like they would give me the educational background I was looking for and I loved the urban campus. I wanted the opportunity to get real-life work experience as a student since I’d be conveniently located downtown."

Pictured is SAEM alumna and Stage AE office manager, Alison Maternowski. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Alison Maternowski

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
Office Manager, Stage AE

"As a student, I expressed my interest in the music industry to Professor Ed Traversari. The SAEM program's partnership with Stage AE was the main reason I transferred to Point Park. My goal was to work for Stage AE. Being a marketing intern there got my foot in the door and basically led to my current position. Working at Stage AE has been nothing but amazing. They’ve filled a niche in the market and added a great dynamic to Pittsburgh’s music scene."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus and Stage AE box office supervisor, Jeremy Olson. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Jeremy Olson

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Box Office Supervisor, Stage AE

"After taking one course in SAEM, I realized it was a better fit for me. I was already interested in music management so it made a lot of sense. Overall, I chose Point Park because it is located in a city, has a good balance of arts and business and the University offered me a soccer scholarship."

Pictured is information technology alumnus and global network manager for Holtec International, Jonathan Geyer.

Jonathan Geyer

B.S. in Information Technology and Management, 2011
Global Network Manager, Holtec International

"Point Park’s professors were very helpful in delivering subject matter that incorporated theoretical expertise into the technical experience I’ve gathered over the years. Fred Kitner and Joan Mosey were wonderful professors who encouraged communication and great discussions within their classes."

Pictured is IT alum and senior IT security analyst for K&L Gates, Carl Skiles.

Carl Skiles

B.S. in Information Technology and Management, 2008
Senior IT Security Analyst, K&L Gates

"The location of Point Park in Downtown Pittsburgh was absolutely perfect. It was only a couple of blocks away from my office and definitely accommodated my family and work life. All of the resources I needed to complete my degree were within an arm’s reach. Also, I liked that the admissions process at Point Park went very smoothly and that the accelerated IT and management program was offered on Saturdays."

Pictured is 2012 SAEM and internal events coordinator for Phipps Conservatory, Rachel Kernic.

Rachel Kernic

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
Internal Events Coordinator, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

"The SAEM program not only offers classes that concentrate in events, but so much more. I was able to learn about sports, business, marketing, PR … I could go on and on. When you are in the event planning business, all of those other areas go hand-in-hand with events and are important to know. The professors in the SAEM program have real-word experience in the fields they teach and do not just lecture from a book. They help you learn what to really expect."

Pictured is SAEM alumna and executive assistant of events & booking for Palace Sports & Entertainment.

Mallory Schirr

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2009
Executive Assistant of Booking & Events, Palace Sports & Entertainment

"The most valuable part of the SAEM program for me has been the continuing relationships I have with the SAEM faculty. They have a sincere interest in my journey and continue to check in with me from time-to-time to see where I’m at and offer advice. They also connect me with current SAEM students who are seeking advice. This has created a cycle and culture of life-long mentorships and networking within the program that I haven’t seen from many other universities."

Pictured is business management alumna Mackenzie Farone.

Mackenzie Farone

B.S. in Business Management, 2009
Marketing Manager, Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc.

"I appreciated the small class sizes. Also, Point Park offered me the most academic scholarships among my choice schools."

"I met some of my lifelong friends at Point Park. Since graduation, we still see each other despite being scattered around the country. The memories I made with my roommates and friends are something I will always remember."

Pictured is SAEM alum and customer care representative for ShowClix, Brandon Dujmic.

Brandon Dujmic

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
Customer Care Representative, ShowClix, Inc.

"Entertainment is my thing and I pray that I can always be involved in the business, in one facet or another. I love live music and entertainment and I love that it means so much to others as well. I’m confident I’ll always have a job because we all like to escape reality once in a while and simply be entertained. That much is certain."

Pictured is SAEM alumna and account executive at MARC USA, Caroline Bovalino.

Caroline Bovalino

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2010
PR/Social Media Account Executive, MARC USA

"Through the SAEM program, I was able to take advantage of unique opportunities including working with Live Nation, job shadowing in the Pittsburgh Penguins' media relations department and volunteering at non-profit arts events. The exposure to real-life, diverse experiences helped guide me toward the career I wanted to pursue and also opened doors for many opportunities to help mold my career into what it is today."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Erin Cappiccie.

Erin Cappiccie

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2008
Assistant to the Executive Producer, "The Good Wife" TV Show, CBS Productions, Inc.

"I chose Point Park mainly because of the unique SAEM degree it offered. I then came to discover how much I enjoyed the learning environment at Point Park. Our campus is distinct, yet incorporated in the heart of Downtown. The small-to-medium class size was perfect. I was able to get plenty of one-on-one time with my professors."

Pictured is information technology alumnus Harry Caskey. Harry Caskey

B.S. in Information Technology, 2011
Senior Systems Engineer, Carnegie Mellon University

"Professors Fred Kitner and Joan Mosey in particular were big inspirations to me during my time at Point Park. I’d take another class with them in a heartbeat. Professor Kitner always knew his stuff and has a lot of experience in the IT field.  As for Professor Mosey, she always pushed me to do more and strive for better goals."

Pictured is accounting alumnus Panther Bior.

Panther Bior

B.S. in Accounting, 2008
Accounting Analyst, The Bank of New York Mellon

"Point Park is my community. I like it because of its small class sizes and close location to my job. Students are likely to get all of their questions answered by professors."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Melissa Brozeski.

Melissa Brozeski

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2007
Community Relations Coordinator, Pittsburgh Pirates

"Growing up, I participated in various athletic programs so the idea that I could turn my interest in sports and entertainment into a career was what led me to find out more about the SAEM program. I was not fully aware that there were job opportunities within these industries until I visited Point Park."

Pictured is business management alumnus Michael Schwartz.

Michael Schwartz

B.S. in Business, 2010
Operations Manager, Mechanical Operations Co., Inc.

"Point Park gave me the tools necessary to be a better manager and lead by example. I really enjoyed the leadership-focused classes and working together in groups.  My cohort in the Saturday program was fantastic. Also, I’ve advanced in my career and gotten pay raises based on the knowledge I've gained."

Pictured is accounting and SAEM alumna Katie Mehall.

Katie Mehall

B.S. in Accounting and Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2008
Tax Associate, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

"I began college as an SAEM major but as I progressed I felt capable of majoring in an additional field. I chose accounting because I found an interest through the accounting courses I was taking.  Also, when talking with my professors and advisers, accounting appeared to be a good field to get into because of the availability of jobs."

Pictured is information technology and management alumna Denice Withrow.

Denice Withrow, D.Sc.

B.S. in Information Technology and Management, 2006
Vice President of Business Technology Integration, Bank of America

"The camaraderie I had with my classmates was very enjoyable.  Also, because of the diversity of the students in my classes, I was able to learn about many different areas of business and we could all bounce ideas off of each other.  I was always excited to go to class every Saturday.  As a non-traditional student, I never felt out of place and that was important to me."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Joseph Adams.

Joseph Adams

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2010
Social Media Marketing Associate, iShares

"Throughout my time as a student at Point Park, I completed seven internships, mostly in event management.  In particular, my internship at Simayof: The Payne Mansion helped me make connections in San Francisco that led me to where I am today."

Pictured is information technology alumna Cindy Barnett.

Cindy Barnett

B.S. in Information Technology, 2006
Information Security Specialist, Department of Veteran Affairs

"Point Park’s professors are experienced in the industry and offer academic excellence and innovation with a curriculum that focuses on both theory and practice.  These classes gave me a good balance of technology and business skills which are imperative for our profession."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Megan Beavis.

Megan Beavis

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2011
Agents' Assistant,
DDO Artists Agency

"My SAEM classes have helped tremendously with the work that I do. I believe that the hands-on experience I received helped me greatly with putting myself out there and taking on any responsibility given to me. I learned about contracts and negotiating them, how to interview and conduct interviews, how to put together a resume, the marketing and promoting of clients/products, and much more."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Hugh Stumpp. Hugh Stumpp

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2010
Associate House Manager, Nederlander Producing Company of America, Inc.

"The venue and facilities management class I took really applies to the job I have now. There is a lot more that goes into a Broadway theatre than one might think. Since the professors work or have worked in the industries, learning from their experiences really made a difference. I believe that graduating from Point Park with an SAEM degree really sticks out on a resume because of the diverse background it offers to students."

Pictured is accounting alumna Rosemary Coombs.

Rosemary Coombs

B.S. in Accounting, 2010
Internal Auditor, Schneider Downs

"I chose Point Park because of the urban campus location and the strong culture and diversity of the student body.  The small class sizes were also a major selling point for me.  As a result of having smaller classes, I was able to build close relationships with my professors.  They were all very helpful in pointing me toward job opportunities as well as being great references."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus David Jacobs.

David Jacobs

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management , 2009
Digital Producer - ESPN account, Red Interactive Agency

"I knew I wanted to work in either the sports or entertainment field and what other school than Point Park could combine both of these fields in a curriculum, and then some? While the arts were not always my primary focus, I knew having a well-rounded education and experience in other industries would translate in my future career. Along with that, the small class sizes were a huge draw, as well as the internship opportunities."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Morgan Laskey.

Morgan Laskey

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2010
Paralegal/Legal Assistant and NBA Dancer,
Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin LLP and The Boston Celtics

"The SAEM degree provided me with knowledge in marketing, public relations, management, business, event planning, accounting, and law. With such a broad array of knowledge, I was more marketable to the law firm. Not only can I write press releases and network the firm, I can also manage the financials, coordinate an event, and apply the basic education I learned from my law courses."

Pictured is SAEM alumna Shayna Balog.

Shayna Balog

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2009
Project Manager, Retailcomm

"I had many great experiences at Point Park, but one of my favorites was hearing first-hand accounts of what it is like working in the industry from my professors who have been in the media, sports management, and entertainment industries for years. Their advice and insight was so valuable and encouraging to me, especially since most of them worked right here in the Pittsburgh area."