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A Point Park Education Translates into Real-World Success

In the profiles featured below, meet undergraduate and graduate alumni who attribute their career success to the education they received at Point Park University. These alumni discuss how their real-world experiences at Point Park helped them to reach their career goals.

Pictured is Mina Hoffman.Mina Hoffman

B.A. in cinema production, 2018
Marketing Coordinator, ViacomCBS

"The most valuable thing Point Park gave me was a supportive network of people ... Additionally, having the hands-on filmmaking experience was priceless. Knowing set etiquette and general production speak is invaluable even in my role as a marketer. It was also the most fun I've ever had!"

Pictured is Keera Frye. Keera Frye

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2020
Executive Producer, WDTV

"Being a part of U-View at Point Park played a huge role in my success at WDTV ... The professors do a great job of preparing us for jobs in the media industry. I completed projects and assignments that required the same skills as the work I do now: editing video, being able to quickly adapt, having good news judgement or just knowing what questions to ask."


Pictured is James (Washington) Manning. Submitted photoJames (Washington) Manning

B.F.A. in dance (jazz), 2011
Dance Department Chair, Pittsburgh CAPA

"The Conservatory of Performing Arts schedule and rigor allowed me to feel prepared to enter the professional field; the versatility and class offerings played a huge part in that. As a student, you are treated and training like a professional dancer ... Point Park continues to produce exceptional talent in a city that has a vibrant arts community — including concert dance, musical theatre, film and television and plenty of teaching opportunities."

Pictured is Kayla Snyder. Submitted photo. Kayla Snyder

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2020
Junior Account Executive, Battenhall

"From my first day at Point Park and my very first class, we were learning real-world knowledge about the industry. On top of that, Point Park’s emphasis of experiential learning allowed me to complete five internships during my four years. The professors were knowledgeable and taught us everything according to industry standards, which prepared me greatly for my first job."


Pictured is Matt Desmond. Submitted photo. Matt Desmond

B.A. in broadcasting and broadcast production
and media management, 2012
Creative Content Segment Producer, NFL Media

"I produce and edit branded and original content for the NFL’s digital and social platforms ... What made Point Park’s School of Communication stand out to me was the ability to get hands-on experience from day one. You don’t get that experience anywhere else."

A self-portrait of Lindsey Palmer.Lindsey Palmer

B.F.A. in photography, 2015
Ophthalmic Technician, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

"I had a really strong desire to leave my hometown and live in a city. I decided Pittsburgh was where I’d like to move because it was close enough to my family that I could travel home, but far enough that I could be more independent. Point Park appealed to me because it offered a city campus, smaller class sizes and a more traditional (darkroom) photography program."

Pictured is business management alumna Rhianna Davis.Rhianna Davis

B.S. in Business Management, 2020
Integrated Marketing Associate, Blender, Inc.

"As a business management major, my experience in the Rowland School of Business 100 percent prepared me for my career in marketing. I am thankful for the hands on, real-world experience that I received in the classroom."

Pictured is public administration alumnus Lee Schmidt.Lee Schmidt

B.S. in Public Administration, 2016
Assistant Director of Operations, Pittsburgh Public Safety Department

"I knew that getting this degree to pair with my experience would help my chances of growing my career and open opportunities with larger agencies and the City of Pittsburgh. What I didn’t realize was just how much I would enjoy the program and how well the knowledge I gained would align with the experience that I already had."

Pictured is Emilee Fails. Submitted photo. Emilee Fails

B.A. in PR and advertising, 2019
Content Designer, The Washington Football Team

"Being able to major in PR and advertising, minor in graphic design and still be able to work on my photography is something that really took all of my skills to the next level. Instead of putting all my eggs in one basket, I was able to try a little bit of everything and figure out exactly where I wanted to go with my career."

Pictured is M.A. in curriculum and instruction alumna Cassandra Scannella.Cassandra Scannella

M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, 2016
Instructional Designer, Columbia University in the City of New York

"Being that this graduate program focused on adult learning theories, the classes provided the foundations and research that I use in my job as an instructional designer every day. The rigor of Point Park's program, along with the dedicated faculty, helped guide me in this field and to the successful career that I have today."

Pictured is Miles Ritenour. Submitted photoMiles Ritenour

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising, 2010
Director of Marketing Communications, Bud Light - Anheuser-Busch

"I had great professors with journalism experience who really helped frame how I think about how a particular marketing campaign can get news coverage. Beyond that, I was always encouraged by my PR and advertising professors to intern as much as possible and I did that with six internships. I think learning from people who have real-world experience is very important."

Pictured is MBA alumnus Okikiri Nuhu.Okikiri Nuhu

MBA, 2019
Data Analyst, FedEx Ground

"My MBA degree has helped me achieve a higher level of professional confidence and enhanced my problem-solving skills that will help me succeed through all kinds of challenging situations at work."

Pictured is public administration alumnus Scott Garing.Scott Garing

B.S. in Public Administration, 2017
Chief of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Cranberry Township

"The public administration program is taught by experts in the field. Classes on public safety and public admin subjects helped us excel at the different things that most of us are trying to do or need to implement in the organizations we are tasked with leading."

Pictured is Maggie Stasko. Photo | Nick KoehlerMaggie Stasko

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising, 2018
Account Executive, BCW Global

"I’ve always felt so prepared for what I do professionally because of what I was taught at Point Park. Having professors who are still in the field makes all the difference because they’re able to teach from experience. It’s more real world and less textbook."

Pictured is Emily Bezbatchenko. Submitted photoEmily Bezbatchenko

B.F.A. in Dance (modern), 2018
Company Member, Eisenhower Dance Detroit

"Point Park prepared me in the best way possible for company work post-graduation. The training in all styles made the switch between balletmodern and jazz effortless."

Pictured is SAEM and MBA alumna Jessica Martin. Photo submitted by Martin.

Jessica Martin

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
MBA concentrating in Business Analytics
Inside Sales Representative, Pittsburgh Penguins

"The Rowland School of Business faculty, especially in the SAEM program, are the perfect mix of academics and industry professionals. Each faculty member has their own network of career connections that enable students to expand their own professional network from day one."

Pictured is James Ogden II. Photo | Jeff CravottaJames Ogden II

B.F.A. in Theatre Production (Stage-Management), 2012
Production Director, Alonzo King LINES Ballet

"As a student, I was the stage manager for gala events, a world-premiere dance production, and two world premiere plays with The REP, earning my card with Actors' Equity Association. Being able to work on plays, musicals and dance productions prepared me to work in performing arts."


Ryan Yorgen

B.A. in Broadcast Production 
Producer, PensTV, Pittsburgh Penguins

"Point Park has been instrumental in leading me to land my dream job. Everyone who is a part of the School of Communication was committed to helping me reach my goals. I also enjoyed going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh. The atmosphere is electric and it is so encouraging walking to class with people walking into work."

Pictured is alumnus Andrew Wright. Photo | Hans-Jörg MichelAndrew Wright

B.F.A. in Dance, 2012
Soloist, NTM National Theater Mannheim

"I thrived on the diversity of classes and made sure to continue my training in jazz, modern and ballet throughout my entire time at Point Park. This diversity really helped me to develop a versatility that benefits me to this day."

Pictured is Sierra Tufts. Submitted photo

Sierra Tufts

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting 
Reporter/Anchor, WANE 15, Indiana

"Having educators at Point Park working in the field is an immeasurable asset. Passing their knowledge and experience down to their students is what sets Point Park apart from most journalism programs."

Pictured is Alex Britton Peterson. Submitted photo

Alex Britton Peterson

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting 
Reporter/Anchor, ABC27, Harrisburg 

"Point Park truly helped to show me just how multifaceted you need to be as a journalist in the 21st century; you don't just report anymore. No one does. You need to turn a story in a matter of hours, with new video, new sound, new information – and it needs to look good, too."

Pictured is M.S. in engineering management alumna Adebomi Enitan. Photo by Hannah Johnston.

Adebomi Enitan

M.S. in Engineering Management 
Electrical Engineer, Pioneer Power Group

"The location and size of the University attracted me to Point Park as an international student. Point Park is located in the very fine and affordable City of Pittsburgh."

Pictured is business management and MBA alumnus Andrew Duncan. Photo by Hannah Johnston.

Andrew Duncan

B.S. in Business Management 
MBA concentrating in Management
Partner Account Manager, Cloud Adoption Solutions

"Point Park University embodied everything that I was looking for in a college experience … receiving a top-level business management education while living in one of the most beautiful cities Downtown was the experience I had always dreamed about."

Pictured is alumna Hannah James. Submitted photo Hannah James

B.A. in Cinema Arts, 2016
Video Coordinator, Little League International

"Point Park was instrumental in preparing me for my career. The cinema arts program allowed me to explore all aspects of filmmaking beginning in my first semester."

Pictured is Tyler Matylewicz. Submitted photoTyler Matylewicz

B.F.A. in Theatre Production (Stage-Management), 2016
Production Coordinator, productionglue

"The faculty and staff at the Pittsburgh Playhouse truly shaped the person I am today. Kim Martin and Alicia DiGiorgi guided me through my years at Point Park, helping fine tune my stage-management skills at every step of the way. The personal relationship and investment these two had in my career and life made it possible to be where I am today."

Pictured is alumna Kidde Kokole. Submitted photo

Kidde Kokole

B.A. in English, 2018
Native Guest English Teacher, English Program in Korea (EPIK)

"From department panels to independent projects, Point Park’s English program not only guided me, but also pushed me to excel. These experiences have shaped my professional and creative outlook in my post-graduate endeavors."

Pictured is alumnus Ryan Bailey. Submitted photo

Stephanie White

Ed.D. in Leadership and Administration, 2018
Board-Certified English Teacher, West Allegheny High School

"I found that much of what transpired in the classroom correlated to what I was experiencing in my workplace and gave me the confidence to grow as an educator."

Pictured is alumnus Ryan Bailey. Submitted photo

Ryan Bailey

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting, 2014
Esports Specialist/Commentator, Skillshot Media 

"I am lucky enough to have been part of the first wave of esports talent. I am one of the few who has a degree in broadcasting and real experience in a TV studio ... I hope that more Point Park students can make their mark across the industry."

Pictured is SAEM alumnus David JacobsDavid Jacobs

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2009
Consumer Marketing, Facebook

"I appreciated Point Park’s emphasis on internships. While every university will advise you to get an internship, Point Park focused on both the quantity and quality of internships."

Pictured is Caroline Loeser. Photo | Louise FloresCaroline Loeser

B.A. in Dance, 2015
Backup Dancer, Lady Gaga

"My experience at Point Park shaped me into not only the dancer I am, but also the person I am ... The Super Bowl Halftime Show and the Joanne World Tour were my first two professional dance jobs, so I had a lot to learn."

Pictured is Josh Croup. Submitted photo

Josh Croup

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting, 2018
Anchor/Reporter, WDTV 

"Experience is incredibly important if you want to work in this field. Not only will Point Park give you experience if you seek it out, but it will provide you with mentors and professionals who are actively working in the industry and know what it takes to succeed. Learn from everything you do, learn as much as possible, even if you don't think you'll benefit from it, and don't waste your failures."

Pictured is Justin LaBar. Photo | Brandy Richey.

Justin LaBar

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting, 2009
TribLIVE High School Sports Network

"If you know this is the field you want for a career, Point Park’s School of Communication is the best place to spend your four years earning your degree. You’ll be able to make the most of the four years having fun and learning a lot. In my situation and many other peers, we had work waiting for us by the time we graduated because of how well Point Park prepared us."

Pictured is business management alumna Erika Mangual. Photo by Brandy Richey.Erika Mangual

B.S. in Business Management, 2016
Embedded Control Analyst, BNY Mellon

"The majority of Point Park’s professors have worked in the professions they are teaching. Therefore, it was encouraging to know that their knowledge was coming from their first-hand experiences."

Pictured are Kariann Mano and Stacey Simon Photo | Nick Koehler.

Kariann Mano and Stacey Simon

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising, 2016 and 2007
Havas PR Pittsburgh

Mano and Simon are colleagues at one of the world's largest global communications groups. Mano is an assistant account executive and Simon is an account supervisor at Havas PR Pittsburgh.

Pictured is SAEM alumnus Fausto Severino.Fausto Severino

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2004
Latin American Crosschecker, Washington Nationals

"I was part of the first SAEM graduating class during which I completed an internship in baseball operations at the big league level with the Pittsburgh Pirates. This experience gave me a lot of insight, and helped me decide which career path to pursue."

Pictured is alumnus Justin Fortunato. Submitted photo Justin Fortunato

B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, 2011
Artistic Producing Director, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center

"Point Park taught me to take every opportunity presented to me, and that is exactly what I've done since graduating. I feel very blessed to be able to make a living in the theatre, and I owe Point Park for supplying me with the tools and work ethic to do so."

Robyn RouxPictured is Robyn Roux with her students in Vietnam. Photo submitted by Roux.

B.A. in Global Cultural Studies, 2012
Kindergarten ESL Teacher in Vietnam, APAX English

"The global cultural studies program is unique because you touch on topics that you otherwise would not encounter in a traditional educational setting and really dig deep to critically think on those subjects. I can’t imagine anyone who takes a single GCS class leaves without having their world view shifted in some way."

Pictured is alumnus Ahmad Simmons. Submitted photo Ahmad Simmons

B.F.A. in Dance, 2010
CATS on Broadway

"I am so lucky to have had the foundation of Point Park's dance training. It has allowed me to thrive in so many areas of the arts industry and continues to keep me relevant as a performer."

Pictured is Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert, law enforcement and criminal justice administration alumnus. | Photo by Daniel KellyScott Schubert

M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, 2010
B.S. in Law Enforcement, 2007
Police Chief, City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

"I chose Point Park for both degrees because I loved the convenience of being Downtown, going to class on Saturdays and the structure of the programs. The University just had so much to offer and everyone at Point Park went out of their way to help me. Also, to watch how the University was growing was pretty cool."

Pictured is Rebecca Shore, SAEM alumna and marketing planning specialist for Dick's Sporting Goods. | Photo by Gracey Evans

Rebecca Shore

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2015
Marketing Planning Specialist, Dick's Sporting Goods

"Point Park has truly helped me get where I am today. All the connections and experiences I made while in school helped me achieve and excel in my career at Dick's Sporting Goods - and I've just started. The professors at Point Park have so many connections in the industry. They really help you gain real-world experience."

Pictured is M.B.A. alumnus Guillermo Velazquez. Photo by Brandy Richey

Guillermo Velazquez

MBA with a concentration in global management/international business, 2018
Executive Director, Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation

"My MBA classes have helped me to better advise entrepreneurs at the PHDC business incubator in the areas of business development, economics, marketing, finance, cross-cultural business and accounting."

Pictured is public administration alumnus Jeff Gooch, desktop administrator and volunteer fire captain for Cranberry Township. | Photo by Gracey Evans

Jeff Gooch

B.S. in Public Administration, 2016
Fire Risk Reduction Coordinator, Cranberry Township

"All my courses at Point Park were fully online. I enjoyed this, but it required strong commitment and self-motivation! Some of my favorite classes were those taught by Dr. Skertich, who used video-based lectures to supplement the course work. I found this to be extremely helpful. Many of my professors were leaders in the public safety field and brought a wealth of knowledge to the virtual classroom."

Pictured is Viveca Chow. Submitted photo

Viveca Chow

B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, 2016
Swing, Miss Saigon on Broadway

"The training in Hong Kong is very limited, so I came into the musical theatre program constantly doubting myself. All of the classes at Point Park gave me a solid foundation for technique (especially acting), and built my confidence up so I started to feel like I could be competitive in this field after graduation."

Pictured is Ryan Howley, intelligence and national security alumnus and facility securities officer for Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute. | Photo by Alan Myers

Ryan Howley

B.S. in Intelligence and National Security, 2014
Facility Security Officer, Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University

"The intelligence and national security courses introduced me to the various elements of the intelligence and defense communities that you need to be familiar with in this type of work. Identifying threats and security vulnerabilities is an essential skill and many of my classes in intel helped me to develop the critical thinking skills needed to do that."

Pictured is School of Communication alumna Caroline Collins. Photo | Caroline Collins Caroline Collins

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting, 2015
M.A. in Communication Technology, 2019
Anchor, KSEE24

"I felt extremely prepared at my first job interview. Thanks to my education at Point Park University, I was able to capitalize on the skills I learned throughout my four years. I knew how to shoot and edit video, I developed strong on-camera skills through my classes, I understood how all departments of a newsroom worked and I completed two news internships."

Pictured is Sarah Meahl. Submitted photo

Sarah Meahl

B.A. in Musical Theatre, 2012
"Gina" and "Indigo," Cirque du Soleil's PARAMOUR on Broadway

"I loved that I could make my education what I wanted it to be. Point Park's curriculum gives you choices on shaping your education. Additionally, I had incredible teachers who taught me the skills I needed to thrive in New York, and they also gave me pearls of wisdom that I carry with me daily."

Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Matt Adams. Photo | Marie McGrory Matt Adams

B.A. in Photojournalism, 2007
Associate Photo Editor, National Geographic

"If I didn't go to Point Park, then I can honestly say that I wouldn't be in the job I am now. It was the starting point to an incredible journey. Everyday I'm looking at images that come in from all around the world ... Seeing a variety of interesting work inspires me and ignites my creativity."

Pictured is Alan Stevens, executive director of The Academy Theatre. Submitted photo

Alan Stevens

M.F.A. in Screenwriting and Playwriting, 2016
Executive Director, Academy Theatre

"I fully believe that joining the M.F.A. program was the best thing I have ever done, it has opened doors for me that I thought would always be closed. I have met amazing writers, made wonderful connections and lifelong friends. The experience, at times, may have been challenging, but I survived and it was well worth it."

Pictured is School of Communication M.A. alumna Ashley Kress. Ashley Kress

M.A. in Communication Technology, 2015
Member Services Specialist, Madison Area Chamber of Commerce

"My professional experience, paired with the critical thinking and technical skills that I developed at Point Park, allowed me to take control of my future and seek a job that would allow me to manage marketing and digital communications in a larger capacity. My degree really supported and developed my skill sets in social media, digital marketing, design and photography."

Pictured is Rick Moody, English and criminal justice administration alumnus and clinical outpatient supervisor for Pittsburgh Mercy. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

Rick Moody

B.A. in English, 2005
M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, 2013
Clinical Outpatient Supervisor, Pittsburgh Mercy

"My undergraduate degree in English has allowed my business communications to flourish and given me an edge in writing reports and medical records … My graduate degree in criminal justice administration has helped me understand human services administration and study in depth about the criminalization of mental illness, which happens a lot due to a myriad of circumstances."

Pictured is Robert Michael, a 2014 secondary education English/special education alumnus. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Robert Michael

B.A. dual certification in Secondary Education English and Special Education, 2014
English/Special Education Teacher, Moon Area High School

"Point Park set me up for success in the real world. Other universities just hand students a book saying, "Okay, now answer the questions and take the test." That's not how adults learn. What makes Point Park's education department unique is that the professors deliver the content and then help the students determine what they need to know."

Pictured is Yasmin Elgendy, a native of Egypt, market developer in Saudi Arabia and a business management and M.B.A. in global management and administration alumna. | Photo by Khaled Zena

Yasmin Elgendy

B.S. in Business Management, 2013
MBA in Global Management and Administration, 2015
Market Developer, Think Tank Co., Saudi Arabia

"My business management and MBA in global administration and management degrees taught me how to analyze businesses and markets and how to study the indirect effect economics, politics and global conditions can have on organizations. The vast amount of research I conducted for different courses at Point Park have helped me a lot in my current role. Point Park's professors really teach students how to apply what they learn in school into the real world."

Pictured is School of Communication alumna Kayla Seybert. Photo | Christopher Rolinson

Kayla Seybert

B.A. in Broadcasting, 2010
Promotions Manager, CBS Radio, Pittsburgh

"The education and training I received at Point Park is really the reason I was able to get a job in my field so soon after college. I had many skills that a lot of the competition did not ... Since I was able to begin my broadcasting and radio classes as a first-year student, I also had quite the jump start on my abilities, and felt it was really impactful that a lot of my classes were actually held IN the student-run radio station."

Pictured is Colston Cooper, a 2015 civil engineering technology graduate and engineering technician for Murray Associates, Inc. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Colston Cooper

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2015
Engineering Technician, Murray Associates, Inc.

"I might not be in my current position if I had not made strong connections with my classmates and my advisor. They knew that I was a hard worker and a determined person so they were ready to recommend me when employers came looking for job candidates."

Pictured is Erika Jones, 2015 information technology alumnus and compliance analyst for ClinicalConnect. | Photo by Jim JudkisErika Jones

B.S. in Information Technology, 2015
Compliance Analyst, ClinicalConnect Health Information Exchange

"I also loved Point Park's location, the Saturday class schedule for working adults and the type of classes offered in the IT program … I was extremely lucky to have Chris Carmody as one of my professors at Point Park. He was an amazing instructor."

Pictured is Celina Pompeani, Point Park broadcasting alumna and TV Host for the Pittsburgh Penguins. | Photo submitted by Pompeani

Celina Pompeani

B.A. in Broadcasting, 2013
TV Host, Pittsburgh Penguins

"I loved every single one of my professors in the School of Communication at Point Park. I learned so much from them. They made me want to learn, always gave me great feedback and helped me land all of my internships.

Pictured is 2010 education alumnus Michael Suppa, literacy intervention/science teacher at D.C. Prep Academy. | Photo submitted by Suppa

Michael Suppa

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2010
Literacy Intervention/Science Teacher, D.C. Preparatory Academy

"My teaching career has been fast tracked largely because of the quality of the education program at Point Park University … Not many people can hit the ground running on their first day in the real world. Point Park made sure I was ready to do so."

Pictured is M.B.A. alumna and credit analyst for Koppers, Inc., Ericka Watkins. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Ericka Watkins

MBA with a concentration in management, 2012
Credit Analyst, Koppers, Inc.

"My MBA degree has made a positive difference in my career and really helped me mature. At times, having an advanced degree can be worth more than experience. It may take time but getting your education does pay off."

Pictured is 2014 public administration alumnus Harry Faulk, manager of Elizabeth Township. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Harry Faulk

B.S. in Public Administration, 2014
Township Manager, Township of Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pa.

"My B.S. degree played a significant role in me being selected as the manager of Elizabeth Township. My role requires leadership, excellent decision making skills and financial accountability. When you see an applicant who has a degree from Point Park, you know right away they possess these high caliber skills and will lead your organization to new heights."

Pictured is 2012 sports, arts and entertainment management major Ali Lewis, director of events for IL Mulino New York. | Photo by Mindy Weiss

Ali Lewis Choe

B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
Special Events Catering Manager, Portland'5 Center for the Arts

"Take advantage of being a student. This is the foundation of your future and the SAEM program is a really great way to begin your career. The faculty and staff are very connected within their fields and are so willing to help every student get off to a good start, and that's what makes the program so unique!"

Pictured is alumna Maranda Wodzinksi.

Maranda Wodzinski

B.A. in Cinema Arts, 2009
Production Manager, Nancy Glass Productions

"The education and training I received at Point Park prepared me for the first few steps into the business. We were encouraged to assist upperclassmen and our professors on their projects/films. It was nice to get a taste of what it was like to be on a real set, and it was very beneficial to work side-by-side with our professors in the field."

Pictured is Deirdre Kane, M.A. organizational leadership alumna, owner of 52nd Street Market and production analyst for Highmark. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Deirdre Kane

M.A. in Organizational Leadership, 2013
Owner, 52nd Street Market and Production Analyst, Highmark

"A concept in the M.A. program that really resonated with me was the importance of having a vision. Learning about amazing women leaders and understanding their visions and how they were able to attain success certainly had an effect on my life."

Pictured is School of Communication M.A. alumna Ashley Pasay. Photo | Chris Rolinson

Ashley (Orr) Pasay

M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2008
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Highmark, Inc.

"In today's competitive work environment, it is critical to have an advanced degree. Point Park offered a reputable and flexible way to earn my M.A. and help me grow personally and professionally … The curriculum is rooted in the fundamentals, but does not ignore the changing landscape. As a student you are taught the core principles required by a communications professional, but also exposed to new channels and the best practices in those areas."

Pictured is Elizabeth Soucek, Point Park English alumna and attorney for Sergovic, Carmean & Weidman, P.A. | Photo submitted by Soucek

Elizabeth Soucek, Esquire

B.A. in English, 2007
Attorney, Sergovic, Carmean & Weidman, P.A.

"Point Park gave me a solid foundation to build upon when I went to law school. I learned how to develop a study schedule and stick to it, which was invaluable later on. The rigor of the Honors Program in particular prepared me for law school, and for the commitment to academics necessary to be successful in my field."

Pictured is Kenny Casado, M.S. in engineering management alumna and customer operations engineer for BodyMedia, Inc.Kenny Casado

M.S. in Engineering Management, 2010
Customer Operations Engineer, BodyMedia, Inc.

"Point Park had an affordable tuition program and the Master of Science in Engineering Management program had all the classes I was interested in and more. I also had the chance to take some MBA classes as well … Also, Point Park welcomed international students, therefore, I knew that the University had a multicultural student and faculty body. It was good to not feel alone and know that other people were having similar experiences as me."

Pictured is Michelle Wunderley, a 2012 M.S. in environmental studies graduate and staff environmental specialist for Enercon Services, Inc. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Michelle Wunderley

M.S. in Environmental Studies, 2012
Staff Environmental Specialist, Enercon Services, Inc.

"The M.S. degree has helped me learn about the regulations and key problems that are hot topics in the environmental field. Having this knowledge really gave me a step ahead of many by just having a general knowledge of the regulations."

Pictured is M.A. alumna Larry Miller. Photo provided by Larry Miller.

Larry Miller

M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2009
Anchor/Reporter, KOBI TV

"I chose to pursue my Master of Arts degree at Point Park because the program has a strong reputation for developing a solid journalist. I also chose Point Park because the program allowed me to work and continue my education at the same time … Make yourself known to the entire campus community and talk with your professors. When you need story ideas, have concerns, or need help, those contacts will come in handy."