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Internships Provide Real-World Experience for Point Park Students

In the profiles featured below, meet Point Park University undergraduate and graduate students who have landed an internship in their field. These students describe how their internship provides them real-world experience and is helping them to reach their career goals.

Nick Konopka
Pictured is Nick Konopka.

B.A. in broadcasting, 2023
Intern, Meet the Press

"The size of Point Park makes it easy to get experience right out of the gate. We are not so big that professors and organizations feel too out of reach. So, you can not only form valuable relationships with professors, but also dive head first into whatever you are interested in."

Fredrick Schoenefeldt
Pictured is Fredrick Schoenefeldt. Photo by Natalie Caine.

B.S. in accounting, 2023
Learn and Earn Intern, Dollar Bank

"Point Park's accounting program is preparing me for career success by helping me better understand the standards that businesses and organizations must abide by, teaching me how to follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and providing me with a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of accounting. All of my professors have helped shape my path for success, and I've enjoyed all of their classes."

Ashley DaughertyPictured is Ashley Daugherty. Photo | Natalie Caine

B.F.A. in graphic + interactive design, 2023
Intern, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"At my internship, I wrote and illustrated an interactive children’s book titled Larry the Lock to help bridge the gap on river navigation education."

Ana BellamyPictured is Ana Bellamy. Submitted photo.

B.A. in History, 2023
Assistant Archivist Intern, University of Pittsburgh Archives Center

"Point Park's faculty and staff always look out for you and make sure that you are on the right track. The professors I have had are incredibly kind and understanding. The degree programs offer a wide range of classes. I feel safe and comfortable here, and the atmosphere is inviting and fun."

Genesis Harshell
Pictured is Genesis Harshell.

B.F.A. in graphic + interactive design, 2022
Intern, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

"I love that I get to work on something different every day. I may prepare a wedding blog and work on social media posts about finding Bigfoot in our Garden Railroad one day, while another I get to actually walk around the Conservatory and take behind-the-scenes photos of our Winter Flower Show install for our Instagram story."

Tyler ClaytonPictured is Tyler Clayton. Photo by Nicole Chynoweth.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Engineering intern, R.T. Patterson & Co., Inc.

"My Point Park education has definitely helped prepare me for the real world. I am especially thankful for the senior capstone course that is built into the mechanical engineering degree requirements. Every part of that course is relevant to the tasks I am doing in the real world. Point Park also prepared me to successfully pass my state Fundamentals of Engineering exam on my first attempt."

Erin YudtPictured is Erin Yudt.

B.A. in journalism, 2024
Intern, The Herald

"What makes Point Park's journalism program distinctive from other universities is a focus on real-world experiences, personable faculty and staff and diverse class options."

Amanda WiestPictured is Amanda Wiest. Submitted photo.

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2023
Engineering, Scientific & Technical Intern, PennDOT's Engineering District 9

"This internship has helped me grow my confidence for obtaining a job in my field of study after graduation. I have also gained valuable hands-on experience that will help me later when I am the one designing structures for projects."

Regina Sanchez GonzalezPictured is Regina Sanchez Gonzalez. Submitted photo.

B.F.A. in Animation, 2023
Motion Graphics Intern, Pittsburgh Penguins

"As an immigrant, it's easy to feel out of place in a new country, but Point Park not only has given me the tools and support to become a better artist and animator, but also a place to call home."

Julius ThomasPictured is Julius Thomas. Photo | Nathaniel Holzer

B.F.A. in Cinema Production, 2022
Video Production Intern, Pittsburgh Opera

"My undergraduate experience has prepared me by giving me opportunities to gain filmmaking experience. Before coming to Point Park, I had little familiarity with working on films or creating content, but throughout my years here, I’ve worked on more and more projects, honing my skills on each one, collaborating with others and figuring things out along the way."

Grace BalzerPictured is Grace Balzer.

B.A. in Journalism, 2022
Intern, Penguins Radio Network

"The journalism program at Point Park is one of the top programs around. Students gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom, which is much more beneficial than sitting in a classroom for four years."

Katt Kersting Pictured is Katt Kersting. Submitted photo

B.F.A. in Cinema Production, 2022
Production Intern, PMI Digital

"The cinema production program has passionate professors who have so much knowledge in their respective fields. When you leave Point Park, you take with you a resume/portfolio filled with projects and experiences, a network of industry connections and knowledge on all aspects of filmmaking."

Pictured is Brianna Kamauf. Photo by Nathaniel Holzer.

Brianna Kamauf

B.S. in Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2022
Booking Assistant Intern, M. Chancey Management

"Point Park understands that students need opportunities to gain hands-on experience and is highly invested in helping you find the right internship, club or course to achieve success. The faculty are dedicated to encouraging students to grow and take on new experiences that will benefit them as they move into their careers."

Pictured is Maranda Douthett. Photo by Nathaniel Holzer.

Maranda Douthett

B.A. in Creative Writing, 2022
Digital Marketing Intern, Responsival

"I would recommend Point Park to a prospective student because of the opportunities that are readily available in Downtown Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. The University offers great connections to different kinds of internships and jobs that are helpful to anyone's future."

Pictured is Vicie Simpson. Submitted photo.Vicie Simpson

B.S. in Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2021
Marketing, Communications and Advertising Intern, Big IDEA Internship

"The internship provided me with three different perspectives on marketing, communications and advertising. Obtaining that knowledge will undoubtedly help me have a stronger resume when looking for a job that requires those various skills."

Pictured is Jenna Tarson.

Jenna Tarson

B.S. in Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2022
Group Sales and Rentals Intern, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

"Based on my conversations with friends at other universities, Point Park's dedication to providing contacts and networking through volunteer opportunities, internships or co-op opportunities is unrivaled. If your education and career goals are your priorities, Point Park cannot be beaten."

Pictured is Edwin Da La Rosa.

Edwin De La Rosa

B.S. in Accounting, 2022
CBS Launch Intern, Ernst & Young

"The accounting professors are very proactive with students, and the smaller class sizes allow students to work closely with their professors. Students have an opportunity to be more vocal and build strong relationships with their professors."

Pictured is Erin Skiff.

Erin Skiff

B.S. in Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2022
Marketing Intern, Attack Theatre

"The SAEM program provides a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the business world so that you can begin to unfold what interests you most about business and management within SAEM."

Alysse BaerPictured is Alysse Baer.

B.A. in Graphic and Interactive Design, 2021
Digital Design Intern, Responsival

"I wanted to go to school in the Pittsburgh area, and after looking at surrounding schools, I decided that Point Park would be the university for me. It was one of the only schools in the area with a program solely focused on graphic design."

Mary Grace UyPictured is Mary Grace Uy.

B.S. in Biological Sciences, 2021
Private Care Aide Intern, Concordia of the South Hills

"I saw that COVID-19 was running rampant, and I wanted to be helpful in some way. I saw that the health care field was in dire need of assistance, and I decided to take initiative."

Pictured is Kyle Anderson.

Kyle Anderson

B.S. in Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2022
Sales and Marketing Intern, Erie Otters Hockey Club

"Being in a large city creates more opportunities for the career path that I have chosen. I have visited and worked in all the venues in Pittsburgh either from my experiences in class or through other networking events."

Kelsee McHughkelseemchugh275-copy.jpg

B.A. in Multimedia, 2021
PR & Advertising Minor
Digital Media Intern, Schneider's Dairy

"I’d recommend Point Park’s multimedia program because of the countless opportunities accessible to you, the professionalism of the program and the caring faculty that ensures you are on the pathway to success."

Nathaniel HolzerPictured is Nathaniel Holzer.

B.F.A. in Screenwriting, 2022
Photography Minor
Intern, Pittsburgh Film Office

"If you have even the slightest spark of curiosity to pursue a career in screenwriting, don’t get in your own way, go for it! Point Park's screenwriting program is so welcoming no matter what walk of life you are from. We don’t see people as students and professors, just writers."

Pictured is Bess Saunders.

Bess Saunders

B.S. in Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management, 2022
Special Events Intern, Allegheny County

"Going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh has opened so many opportunities for me. Between all the businesses that are here and the many different events that happen, there is always something to volunteer for or a job opportunity."

Camryn DrabenstadtPictured is Camryn Drabenstadt.

B.F.A. in Photography, 2021
Graphic Design Minor
Student Scholar, Silver Eye Center for Photography

"I’ve met so many talented, creative people in my time here, and the relationships I’ve made at my internships and in my program have helped me gain so many new skills, refine my work and projects and reach my goals. I am forever grateful."

Riley Norman, Anjinee Carlisle
and Lexie Balkovec
Pictured is Riley Norman. Submitted photo.

Accounting majors
Interns, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"The faculty and classes at Point Park have helped me grow not only as an individual, but as a professional. I have developed academic skills while rounding out myself to be career-ready in the professional world."

Louis SchoenPictured is Louis Schoen, political science major and Lead Intern of Office Operations, "The People's Office" Represented by Jake Wheatley Jr.

B.A. in Political Science, 2021
Lead Intern of Office Operations, "The People's Office" Represented by Jake Wheatley Jr.

"My favorite part about being a Point Park student is the connections I’ve been able to create. I appreciate the large alumni base who help Point Park graduates and interns."

Meghan MaciocePictured is Meghan Macioce. Submitted photo

M.A./MBA, graduating in 2022
B.A. in broadcast reporting '19
Global Talent Development Intern, Mylan

"Talent Development aims to improve individual and group performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. My responsibilities include updating weekly analytics on training software, creating training videos, hosting intern get togethers outside of the program, attending meetings and uploading users to the training software."

Travis PlattPictured is Travis Platt. Submitted photo.

B.F.A. in Cinema Production, 2022
PFO-TV Assistant Producer, Pittsburgh Film Office

"My job as a PFO-TV assistant producer is to plan, create and edit various videos for their YouTube channel. I landed this internship by building a strong resume volunteering at photobooths, making films and entering them into film festivals, and having an organized resume and cover letter that showcased my skills."

Steven FisherPictured is Steven Fisher. Submitted photo.

B.S. in accounting, graduating in 2022
Corporate Accounting Intern, Partner4Work Pittsburgh

"Knowing Point Park is in the center of Downtown Pittsburgh surrounded by the Big Four accounting firms and so much more, I felt it was the right match knowing that the professors have once worked for the biggest companies in the world. No other school can try to reach Point Park’s level when it comes to experiential learning opportunities."

Taylor Spirito Pictured is Taylor Spirito. Submitted photo.

Broadcast reporting major, graduating in 2021
Media Relations Intern, Pittsburgh Penguins

"My internship was all about handling the media to ensure they had the proper resources to do their jobs ... It feels like I had a networking opportunity everywhere I turned! My job led to me constantly being surrounded by professionals not just in the Penguins organization, but media from all over the country and beyond."

Mallory NeilPictured is Mallory Neil. Photo | Emma Federkeil

Photography major, graduating in 2023
Photography Intern, Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC

"I chose Point Park when I found out about all of the opportunities students were getting, and not just juniors and seniors, but freshmen and sophomores, too! When I toured, they told me if I wanted the opportunities to go after them. This was really encouraging to me as a senior in high school and I really felt like Point Park wanted the best for me."

Tiffany WalkerPictured is Tiffany Walker. Submitted photo

Cinema Production major, graduating in 2021
Dream Big Studio Intern, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

"I knew as an aspiring filmmaker/artist that Point Park would be a perfect fit for what I wanted to do. I also knew that I would be able to get hands-on experience within my first year and that was something special that really stuck out to me."

Nicole FuschinoPictured is Nicole Fuschino. Submitted photo

Broadcast Reporting major, graduated in 2020
Intern, NBC's TODAY Show

"My internship at the TODAY Show was a dream come true ... Without taking advantage of the opportunities Pittsburgh and Point Park had to offer, I am confident that I would have never been able to intern at TODAY."

Kayla SnyderPictured is Kayla Snyder. Photo | Nick Koehler

PR & Advertising major, graduated in 2020
New Product Marketing Intern, Beyond Spots & Dots

"The urban location makes it so easy to secure multiple internships. Without the proximity to so many companies, I would never have been able to secure five internships in my time here. If you want to know the ins-and-outs of a textbook, choose a different school. If you want to know real-world knowledge that's applicable in internships and jobs, choose Point Park. You won't regret it."

Olga HerreraPictured is HR management major Olga Herrera. Photo by Emma Federkeil.

Human Resource Management major, graduated in 2019
Human Resources Intern, MARC USA

"The faculty here have been amazing. They have gone above and beyond to help me become the best that I can be. Professor Sandy Mervosh has played a crucial role in my success and is the reason I have my internship today … she has made me very passionate about HR and has helped me find something that I want to do for the rest of my life."

Maxwell NameyPictured is forensic science major Maxwell Namey. Photo by Brandy Richey.

Forensic science major, graduated in 2019
Laboratory Operations Intern, Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office

"The Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office has an internship program each semester in which they take seven interns — and three out of the seven are Point Park students. They pick one intern for each of the labs and three for the autopsy department. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the biology lab."

Malle WintersPictured is Malle Winters. Photo | Emma Federkeil

Theatre arts major, graduated in 2020
Directing/Patron Services Intern, Shakespeare & Co.

"Studying directing at Point Park has had a huge influence on me, and I was lucky to be able to test myself in a professional setting. I feel totally prepared as both a director and performer because of my training at Point Park."

Pictured are Connect Wolf interns Talal Alrasheed, Khalid Alzahrani, Dev Darshan Rajpuriya and Joshua Jackson.Talal Alrasheed, Khalid Alzahrani, Dev Darshan Rajpuriya and Joshua Jackson

Engineering majors, graduated in 2019 and 2020
Engineering Interns, Connect Wolf

Electrical engineering technology majors Talal Alrasheed and Khalid Alzahrani; electrical engineering major Joshua Jackson and M.S. in engineering management graduate student Dev Darshan Rajpuriya, are interning for Connect Wolf, a tech start-up connection company.

Pictured is Kelly Tran. Submitted photoKelly Tran

Cinema Production major, graduated in 2020
Development Intern, Juvee Productions and Dylan Clark Productions

"One of my favorite parts is meeting the clientele that come into the office. So many established writers, directors and talent walk through the door and always want to engage in a conversation, give advice about their rise in the industry and support me as a young filmmaker. Gina Rodriguez told me that I’m talented, educated and can do anything I set my mind to!"

Pictured is SAEM student Julie Bowser.Julie Bowser

Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management major, graduated in 2020
Agency Intern, Television Academy Foundation

"My sports, arts and entertainment management major helped me get selected for the Television Academy Foundation’s 2018 Internship Program because it demonstrated my passion for the entertainment industry. Since this major is so unique, it helped set my application apart from the others."

Pictured is accounting student Conor Mendelson.Conor Mendelson

Accounting major, graduated in 2019
Accounting and Finance Intern, Genocea Biosciences, Inc.

"I believe Point Park is helping me reach my goals by giving me a great learning experience in the classroom, as well as opportunities through the Career Development Center including co-ops and internships. I have had an amazing experience with the faculty of Point Park."

Pictured is biological sciences student Paula Ambrose. Photo by Brandy Richey.Paula Ambrose

Biological Sciences major, graduated in 2020
Conservation Biology Intern, Allegheny Land Trust

"With this internship, I’ve learned how to conduct different environmental surveys. One of the bigger surveys I do are called pollinator surveys for Project Bee Watch. Project Bee Watch uses citizen science volunteers and researchers like Professor Opdyke and me in order to track the activity, type and amount of pollinators that populate a specific area."

Pictured is Kimberly Keagy. Submitted photoKimberly Keagy

Broadcast Reporting major, graduated in 2019 
Editorial Intern, Al-Arabiya News Channel 
Studying at Institute of Political Journalism

"I have worked on a variety of projects during my internship. I usually produce at least one package related to the news of the day, logging interviews and conducting in-depth research for future packages. I worked on two documentaries about the high cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. and about the increased number of Arab-American women running in the 2018 election."

Pictured is accounting alumnus Michael Williams. Photo by Randall ColemanMichael Williams

Accounting major, graduated in 2018
Tax Intern, Herbein + Company, Inc.

"Accounting majors at Point Park are made aware of so many opportunities in the field. Also, being in a Downtown setting makes it very easy for us to connect with accounting industry professionals and have access to many different companies."

Pictured is HR management major Jennifer Murtha. Photo by Brandy Richey.Jennifer Murtha

Human Resources Management major, graduated in 2019
Human Resources Intern, Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation

"I encourage all students to try to land an internship. Internships truly help you to see why what you are learning in class is valid and important. They also allow you to gain exposure to your industry before graduation, which looks great on a resume!"

Pictured is SAEM student John Blattenberger. Photo by Brandy Richey.

John Blattenberger

Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management major, graduated in 2019
Partnership Marketing Support Intern, Pittsburgh Penguins

"I attribute this opportunity with the Penguins — and my internship with the Steelers — to Angela Scaramucci and her Career Prep class. She let us know about internship opportunities with the Penguins and Steelers and then put in good recommendations for me for both."

Pictured is Alex Grubbs, an intern with The Media Research Center in Washington, D.C. Submitted photo Alex Grubbs

Broadcast Reporting major, graduated in 2018
Media Research Center Intern,

"My two favorite parts of my internship thus far are the amazing people I've met, from reporters to fellow students, and working on Capitol Hill ... Point Park is one of the best schools to get an education if you're ready to work. The moment you walk in you're already immersed into hands-on experiences I feel you can't get as quickly at other schools."

Pictured is Alex Pochiba, a forensic science major and drug chemistry scientist intern for the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office. | Photo by Olivia Ruk

Alex Pochiba

Forensic Science major, graduated in 2017
Drug Chemistry Scientist Intern, Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Officer

"My internship with the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office is a dream. It is one of the main reasons I chose Point Park — because of the connections my advisor has with the office as well as its close vicinity to campus."

Pictured is Josh Croup, an intern with The Pittsburgh Pirates. Photo | Kelsey Veydt Josh Croup

Broadcast Reporting major, graduated in 2018
Media/Public Relations Intern, Pittsburgh Pirates

"I wouldn't be with the Pirates if I didn't get involved with Point Park's Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing. As a member of the group, I had the chance to attend the Baseball Winter Meetings during my freshman year. It was there that I landed a video production internship with the West Virginia Power, the Class-A affiliate of the Pirates."

Pictured is Julia Pamies, an intern with The Fred Rogers Company. Photo | Shayna Mendez Julia Pamies

Cinema Arts major, graduated in 2017
Assistant Editor Intern, The Fred Rogers Company

"Pittsburgh is a such a great city to live and learn in. From a filmmaker's perspective, I have always found projects to work on and there's plenty of arts and cultural events happening in the city. It's a great location for artists! In addition, Point Park is a very liberal university. There are many different backgrounds, personalities and a mix of cultures."

Pictured is Denton Poe, veteran, HR management major and HR talent acquisition intern for PNC. | Photo by Shayna Mendez Denton Poe

Human Resource Management major, graduated in 2016
HR Talent Acquisition Intern, PNC

"As a student veteran, I chose Point Park University for several reasons. The first reason would be the University's graduation rate and outcomes. Second, Point Park gave me the flexibility and opportunity to continue to grow both professionally and personally. Finally, the faculty, staff and academic administration have been what I would expect from a top-tier school."

Pictured is M.B.A. student Monet Miller, who served as a fellow for the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. | Photo by Victoria A. MikulaMonet Miller

MBA, Health Systems Management concentration, graduated in 2017
Patient Safety Fellow, Jewish Healthcare Foundation

"I adore Point Park University! I chose Point Park for the caliber of professors with real-world knowledge of current business practices. Point Park has real passion for the City of Pittsburgh and it shows through the different community opportunities that are available through the MBA program and the University as a whole."

Pictured is Ben Katz, a business management major and intern for Prudential. | Photo by Chris RolinsonBen Katz

Business Management major, graduated in 2016
Financial Professional Associate, Prudential

"What I like about my business management classes so far are my professors. They are professional business people who have knowledge of working hands-on in the field. Their real-world experience has been beneficial to me because they have been able to demonstrate situations that I will be running into in my business career."

Pictured is Brian Smith, psychology student and intern for GNC. | Photo by Victoria A. MikulaBrian Smith

Psychology major, graduated in 2016
Rent/Administration Intern, GNC

"I would just like to say that Point Park is a great university to attend, especially if you like being in the middle of the action. The faculty members here do a great job of guiding the students in the direction they want to go. I would also like to say thank you to the faculty who have helped me get to where I am at today. I could not have done it without all of you."

Pictured is Kariann Mano at the Carnegie Science Center. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula Kariann Mano

Public Relations and Advertising major, graduated in 2016
Marketing Communications Intern, Carnegie Science Center

"Since I've been exposed to working with the media in this internship and all of the research I've completed, it has really opened my eyes into the diverse field of PR."

Pictured is Kelsey Myers at the Toronto International Film Festival. Submitted photo Kelsey Myers

Cinema Production major, graduated in 2018
Toronto International Film Festival Intern

"Besides working at my internship, I was able to attend press and industry screenings, panels and meet-and-greets with filmmakers. At panels and screenings, I had the opportunity to sit next to industry professionals and start a conversation. The meet-and-greets were also a great way to talk to the professionals face-to-face."

Pictured is Brittany Lauffer, broadcast major and news intern for KDKA-TV. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula Brittany Lauffer

Broadcast major, graduated in 2016
News Intern, KDKA-TV

"Point Park has helped me tremendously in working towards my dream job. Not only do we have media professionals as our professors, but we also are given endless opportunities for networking and different internships in the Pittsburgh media community."

Pictured is Phillip Poupore, journalism major and copy editor intern for The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula Phillip Poupore

Journalism major, graduated in 2016
Copy Editor Intern, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"One of my professors, Andrew Conte, is a reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He sent an email to students in his class about the internship opportunity and it was definitely something I was interested in. I applied and landed the position."

Pictured is Destiny Medina, accounting major and launch intern for Ernst & Young. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula Destiny Medina

Accounting major, graduated in 2017
Launch Intern, Ernst & Young

"My accounting classes have given me the basic understanding of the material I need to get my job done at Ernst & Young. Everything I have learned in class is the backbone for what I am doing during my internship. I would not be able to work as efficiently or ask intelligent questions about the work I am doing if it were not for my accounting classes."

Pictured is Bo Ai. Bo Ai

MBA, International Business concentration, graduated in 2014
Social Media Intern, Pittsburgh Department of City Planning

"I learned about this position at one of the internship and job fairs held on campus. When I told my family I got this internship, they were shocked and excited for me. Working for city government will look very impressive on my resume, especially when I return home to China. The internship has been a unique and meaningful work experience.">

Pictured is Natasha Williams. Natasha Williams

M.A. in Global Security and Intelligence, graduated in 2014
Global Security Intern, Mylan Inc.

"I found out about an internship at Mylan by searching on the Career Development Center's web pages for various types of employment and internship opportunities. This internship was interesting to me because it was related to the current field I am pursuing. I was fortunate to do well on my interview and be offered the position."

Pictured is Laura Jennings. Laura Jennings

M.A. in Communication Technology, graduated in 2014
Marketing/Social Media Intern, Bally Design

"I am working on marketing and social media by establishing and maintaining social media channels and developing a content calendar that includes a company blog and upcoming e-newsletter. I am also writing case studies and summaries of the firm's product design and development projects with national companies."

Pictured is Troy Johnston. Troy Johnston

Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management major, graduated in 2015
Event Operations Intern, Heinz Field, PSSI Stadium LLC.

"Freshmen in the SAEM program are required to complete 24 hours total of independent job shadowing. My shadowing was done at Heinz Field. I credit the shadowing I did freshman year in the SAEM program to landing this internship because it allowed me to make a connection I have maintained for four years."

Pictured is Emily Kolek. Emily Kolek

M.A./MBA, graduated in 2016
Internal Communications Intern, Westinghouse

"I'm given real, meaningful work assignments and held to the same standards that full-time employees are held to. I've worked on a variety of communications projects, including planning a leadership meeting, assisting with development of presentations, writing articles and emails for distribution to broad employee audiences and assisting in a video production project."

Pictured is Carlene Morgan. Carlene Morgan

Global Cultural Studies major, graduated in 2016
Save Your Home Program Coordinator, Allegheny County Department of Economic Development

"My internship has helped me learn how to assist people who need housing, especially those in the area of refugee resettlement who will need housing when they come to America. This internship also has given me skills in general to help people who are in crisis."

Pictured is Katelyn Howard. Katelyn Howard

Public Relations and Advertising major, graduated in 2014
Communications Intern, Senator John Heinz History Center

"My key responsibilities were to help promote the museum to the public. I tracked media exposure, promoted events and exhibit openings and completed a variety of professional writing projects. I hope that all Point Park students take advantage of the professional opportunities available to them so close to our Downtown Pittsburgh campus."

Pictured is School of Communication student Emily Bastaroli. Emily Bastaroli

Journalism major, graduated in 2014
Editorial Intern, Whirl magazine

"I wrote events for the magazine, proofed the magazine, wrote for the website and pitched story ideas during my internship. Point Park is a great place to learn about your major and a great place to gain experience. With all of the connections around Pittsburgh and the world, students will get the knowledge and experience they crave."

Pictured is Nabet Mammedova. Nabat Mammedova

Accounting major, graduated in 2013
External Audit Intern, Maher Duessel

"Professor Edward Scott helped me land this internship. He assisted me with my resume and recommended me to the company. I feel very lucky and I am very thankful for his help. All of the accounting professors at Point Park are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the students."

Pictured is Kaitlyn Colhouer. Kaitlyn Colhouer

Animation and Visual Effects major, graduated in 2015
Animation Intern, Animal Inc.

"I work hands on with the resident animator in developing concept art for various clients and in-house projects, as well as aiding in the daily function of the company. I have had many opportunities in the animation program to sharpen my art skills as well as my social skills, and have learned to present my work and myself professionally."

Pictured is William Schuk. William Schuk

Electrical Engineering Technology major, graduated in 2014
Electrical Engineering Technology Intern, Bayer Corporation

"This internship will help me reach my career goals because I am gaining valuable industry experience. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work done in the engineering world that cannot be taught in a classroom, and I believe this experience will give me an edge in finding a job after I graduate."

Pictured is Alyssa Tress. Alyssa Tress

MBA, Management concentration, graduated in 2014
Internship Coordinator, Urban Innovation21

"During my internship, I was able to help out with a variety of tasks and projects and gain real-life work experience. After two semesters of interning, I transitioned into a part-time role as the internship coordinator. Shortly after graduating from Point Park, I was thrilled to learn Urban Innovation21 offered me a full-time position to stay on as their internship coordinator."

Pictured is Fenil Patel. Fenil Patel

M.S. in Engineering Management, graduated in 2012
Technical Testing Intern, Allpoint Systems

"Doing this internship has really helped me get some real-world job experience in my field of engineering. It's a good way to learn more about different management styles and work environments, which has helped me professionally to gain more value, confidence, assertiveness, and decision-making abilities."

Pictured is Madison DeCoske. Madison DeCoske

Stage Management major, graduated in 2013
Stage Management intern, Eugene O'Neill Theater

"I have learned a lot about running rehearsals, calling shows and developing a personality that allows actors, directors, and designers to feel comfortable to confide and trust in me. To work in an environment such as the O'Neill, people rely heavily on stage management to put up a reading in five days."